Have you ever thought about it? Should you add a horse to your photoshoot in Punta Cana? You might not have even known this was an option. Maybe you should start considering the idea, though. Horses are beautiful and majestic animals, and they’ll surely catch your eye! But most importantly, they make for excellent companions for photo sessions. Do you want to know why? Well, just keep reading!

They bring something unique

If you’ve been online at all, you’ve probably seen millions of wonderful pictures. There are many talented photographers out there! But after looking through some albums, you’ll quickly notice a pattern in how photo sessions go. The poses, the stages, the lights – they all start to feel similar. Well, why don’t you break the mold a little? How many beach photoshoots have you seen with a horse? Not that many, I bet! Give it a go and enjoy a fun, unique photo album just for you.

Add a horse to your photoshoot because they’re beautiful, docile, and safe

If you’re worried that adding an animal to your pictures can be troublesome, don’t worry. Horses are some of the most loyal and docile animals around. You’ll be surprised by just how well you can get along with them! Follow the instructions given by their handler and it’ll be a breeze. With a little love and caution, the horse will comply with every idea and pose you may have! You’ll get some amazing photos, that’s for sure!

Horses are versatile

Not just as a means of transportation! Horses open up a whole new world in photography. You can pose in so many different ways with a horse; it’s hard to list them all! You can stride gracefully on its back, or caress its mane. Stand by it’s side and give it a kiss if you dare. What else? Well, the photoshoot can take place by the sunset as you have your back turned, or in broad daylight at the beach. What type of lighting do you prefer? The sky’s the limit when you add a horse to your photoshoot!

You can add a horse to your photoshoot at the beach!

When you say “horses”, the beach isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe you considered a horseback ride, but you didn’t think much about a horse photoshoot. But they sure make a good combo! There is something romantic and almost ethereal about horses walking along the shore. Just imagine yourself at Macao Beach, the wind blowing in your face, right by the sea. You’re mounted on a beautiful horse, staring into the horizon. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Everyone back home will be blown away by the horse photos, trust me!

Hire a professional photographer

If everything I’ve said sounds good to you, don’t be too hasty! It might sound easy to just rent a horse and take all the pictures you want, but they won’t ever be as good as they can be. Professional photographers know many tricks and tips that can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is! Trust your photographer to take the best pictures, edit them, and send you only the best. But even more so when you’re working with animals! Although horses are docile, you still need a degree of caution. Take care of the horse and your photographer will do the rest for you!

Remember to use appropriate clothes!

You’re dealing with animals! They’re beautiful, friendly, and majestic – but they’re still animals. Don’t wear your white lace dress if you’re going to gallop through the beach! Choose something short and light, because you’re likely going to sweat a bit. And remember to stay hydrated all through the experience! The last thing you want is to exhaust yourself during the photoshoot.

So, would you add a horse to your photoshoot? There are many so many positives, it’s hard to say no! Give your engagement pictures that special flair you’re after, or let the kids enjoy the horse’s presence. Perhaps you love animals and want to show it, or you really just want to try something new. No matter the reason, you should try to have a horse around at least once. Then see how you like the pictures!