Are you planning a photoshoot? That’s great! They’re excellent ways to remember the good moments in life, and they leave physical evidence worth bragging about. Keep it up! But have you tried a little spice? There are ways to make your beach photoshoot fun so that it’s not just a set of pretty pictures, but it also turns into wonderful memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Lucky for you, I’m sharing some of the top ways to make your beach photoshoot fun!

Bring some props

This one is a vague idea, but only because it’s limited by your imagination! Props can be pretty much anything that offers interesting, playful shots. A good idea is to keep it themed around the beach, so things like rowboats or tropical flowers work great. They will give your pictures a more playful, casual, funny tone than normal! Use everything at your disposal to spice things up. You could be playing with a beach ball in one of the pictures, or holding a bouquet of flowers in another! Maybe your friends are chasing you with a toy trident or your kids have pirate hats. Don’t use only my ideas, get creative, and find something that works for you!

Make your beach photoshoot fun by adding your personal style

Is there anything you really like that you want to include? Well, it’s your photoshoot so no one’s stopping you! For those who like pearls, you can try to wear a nice necklace, or if you are into retro fashion this is a perfect opportunity to put your unique wardrobe on display. Let your personality shine through! This applies to everyone who wants to participate in the photoshoot so be sure to encourage others to express themselves.

Play with colors

The most obvious way to do this is to wear something bright and flamboyant to bedazzle the camera. And trust me, it works really well! When I advise people to dress for a beach photoshoot I make sure to remind them to keep it within the blue-green-cream spectrum because it blends in very well with the beach, but adding a few flashes of color here and there won’t hurt. Accessories are your best friend! The idea of using props seems more enticing when they match your ideal palette. Don’t go too crazy on the colors, you don’t want to be a rainbow; just add some pops!

And now, play with lightning!

Sunset and sunrise, the most magical hours of the day – also sometimes known as the golden hour, for good reason! The sky will be lit up with wonderful colors ranging from blue to pink, red, and of course, gold. The light will hit just right, in that special way that only happens in the morning and your pictures will come out with a wonderful shine that accentuates the beauty in your smile. What else can I say? It’s perfect!

The best way to make your beach photoshoot fun: Don’t pose!

What do you mean, don’t pose? Yeah, you read that right. What you’ve been told all your life about pictures is a lie! Posing won’t make you look good in pictures; it actually has the opposite effect. You look stiff and rigid, precisely because you are. Loosen up a little bit more and relax, talk to your friends and family, just let go a little! The beach photoshoot is supposed to be fun, so just let go of protocol and have a good time. Your pictures will be more natural, and the smiles on your face will be sincere. Go and play with your props, share anecdotes, bathe in the sunlight, run around a little! Only good things can come out of it.

There you have it! Those are some of the ways you can make your beach photoshoot fun, and it will be so much better that way! It will improve the experience for both the ones being photographed and for the photographer while boosting your picture quality through the roof. Next time you look at those pictures, the first thing that’ll come to mind won’t be the planning or the things you did hours before. No, you’ll be reminded of the great time you had when you took those photos, and you’ll only want to take more!