Punta Cana is a beautiful destination with many things to offer for everyone who visits. It’s hard to say everything there is in just one article! Still, these little facts are really interesting, and it’s hard to make an entire post about them. So here’s a list of 10 fun facts about Punta Cana. These are my favorite little pieces of trivia about this beautiful place. There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll try my best!

#1: Punta Cana isn’t what you think it is

Most people assume that Punta Cana is part of one island called the Dominican Republic – but this is actually false! No, Punta Cana is part of La Hispaniola, which is a big island that the Dominican Republic and Haiti share. It’s on the eastern coast of La Hispaniola, and it’s a wide area that covers several beaches and little towns. You’ll often hear them all described as just “Punta Cana”, but know it’s a lot of ground to cover!

#2: Punta Cana has many beaches. Like, a lot

And I mean a lot of them! You’ve probably heard of Macao Beach and Bavaro Beach – and yes, they’re gorgeous! If you have the chance to visit them, please do, you won’t regret it. But it has many more to offer that you probably don’t know about. If you’re a traveler or just looking for something different, go ahead and give them a shot! Apart from the two most popular ones, you’ll find Uvero Alto, Arena Gorda, and Cabeza de Toro to name a few. Take your pick!

#3: We have our own exclusive mineral

Larimar is a gorgeous and quite unique stone that has only been found in the Dominican Republic. It’s very impressive, and its turquoise color is rivaled only by the beaches that we so proudly share with the world! Many local businesses embrace the uniqueness of larimar and sell jewelry or name their businesses after it, so the moment you step in you’ll be bombarded with its beauty!

#4: Almost everyone speaks English

The official language of Dominican Republic is Spanish, but because of how popular Punta Cana is as a destination you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t speak English. The staff at the resort, restaurant waiters, bartenders, and even bystanders will be able to hold a conversation with you in English and sometimes other languages, so you shouldn’t have any issues fitting in!

#5: It’s tailor made as a touristic destination

No, really! This is one of my favorite fun facts about Punta Cana. The Punta Cana that we know and love didn’t exist until a few years ago, when it was turned into a perfect touristic spot for everyone around the globe. Its original name translates to Drunkard’s Point, which isn’t very attractive despite the humorous twist! Punta Cana, however, means Silver Point. Much more fitting, isn’t it? It’s likely a reference to the sand on our beaches, which is perfectly white!

#6: Altos de Chavon is very new

Hard to believe when you look at it, but Altos de Chavon was actually built right around the time Punta Cana was renovated. Its colonial, Mediterranean style is a revival instead of an authentic construction from the 19th century, sadly! Doesn’t make it any less beautiful, though.

#7: Punta Cana shares its time zone with New York during the summer

Weird, right? When you think about tropical paradises you imagine them being so far away that your schedule will de-synch, but it’s much closer than you’d expect! With UTC-4, Punta Cana has the same time zone as Toronto, New York, and Ohio!

#8: It’s a tropical paradise

Have you ever seen a poster of a tropical paradise, or the ideal beach? Chances are you have, and that means you’ve already seen Punta Cana! It’s very often photographed to sell the idea of a perfect beach to others, and if you see pictures of our landscapes you will probably think it’s too good to be true or too stereotypical to be real. But no, the stereotype was born here! Saona Island is the one that gets this treatment the most.

#9: Food is as diverse as people

You won’t have any issues finding the kind of food that you’re used to, don’t worry. But if you feel like trying something local you’ll get many, many varied answers that it’s hard to list them! Many traditional ingredients from Latin American cuisine are present, like rice and beans, but there’s an African twist that will shake things up for you. A little exploration yields so many new flavors!

#10: The island is an important ecological reserve

There are several important places in Dominican Republic for the ecosystem, such as Lago Enriquillo. It can be found at the border with Haiti, a saltwater lake that serves as a reserve for crocodiles! Punta Cana in particular is surrounded by coral reefs too, which are guarded and surveilled very closely, and a forest that is protected by the state.

And there you have it! Ten of my favorite fun facts about Punta Cana. Hopefully, this give you an idea of the kind of place we have. It’s a wonderful, vibrant place where you can have adventures, a lot of fun, and most importantly nothing but relaxation. An intriguing history lies underneath, and the only way to know all about it is to come and visit!