After spending hours upon hours thinking about where to go, you’ve decided to visit Punta Cana. It’s beautiful, it’s safe, and most importantly, it’s where you’ll spend your next few weeks. You’re excited, but you don’t know where to go. But don’t fear! I have just the recommendation for you, and I know it’ll sweep you off your feet.

Today I present to you The Grand Reserve! It’s an amazing resort you can visit where you’ll be surrounded by the loveliest, kindest people around and served with a big smile. You won’t miss any of the luxuries you enjoy at home, and you’ll have some extra ones to boot!

the grand reserve

Don’t miss a day at the beach!

The Grand Reserve at Paradisus boasts a stunning view of the beach and plenty of open space for you to relax in. Not only that, it’s very close to Los Corales Beach, merely five minutes away, allowing you to go back and forth with ease! You can start your day with a beautiful and refreshing walk around the coast and return for breakfast just in time.

And speaking of breakfast!

If you fear you’ll have to spend extra money to find something good to eat, don’t you worry! The Grand Reserve offers you free breakfast during your stay, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the free buffet they have. If that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, though, you won’t have to look around too long for a restaurant you like! The lunch buffet, snack bar, and a la carte restaurants for dinner are amazing!

For those who enjoy a lazy afternoon free of stress, the 24-hour room service will be perfect. Don’t worry, there’s no shame in being a little lazy on vacation!

Why don’t you try the pool?

No family trip could ever be complete without at least one day at the pool. Everyone will love one of the two outdoor pools they have, and if your kids want to join in on the fun, there’s a children’s pool as well! If the beach doesn’t do it for you, relax in the fresh and clean waters they offer, and enjoy a cold drink in the safe environment of the resort! Nothing says “vacation” quite like this.

the grand reserve
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What about your children?

It’s easy to imagine that, as a parent, you would have a hard time managing time for yourself and your kids. And it’s your vacation too, right? In case you need some time for yourself, The Grand Reserve offers supervised, free child-care services and activities that will keep them busy, happy, and more importantly: safe.

If you’re not comfortable leaving them there, you can instead opt for an in-room babysitter. It’ll cost you a little extra, however, so do keep that in mind.

And did I mention, there’s a waterpark for the kids?! You have to check it out! It’s a blast for the little ones.

the grand reserve
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And the pictures?

No, I haven’t forgotten the pictures! It doesn’t matter where you stay, you’ll always have access to some of the most beautiful scenes in the island. The beaches are gorgeous, with crystalline waters so deep you could get lost in them, and sunsets that will leave you enchanted!

Be it for engagement pictures, your wedding, or a simple family photoshoot, you won’t regret having the beach so close to you! Don’t miss out on anything and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, knowing you’re in good hands.

And if you wanted something a bit more private, try some of the venues the resort includes. I can assure you, they’re perfect for any big event you have planned. And hey, who doesn’t like a little luxury?

All in all, The Grand Reserve at Paradisus really does live up to its name: it’s heaven on earth! A streamlined experience that will leave you wanting more the longer you stay. Everything you need will be covered, close to you, or conveniently laid out for you.

What’s more, the place is beautifully decorated, and you’ll really feel like you’re worth a million dollars! Don’t forget to take some pictures to brag with your friends. You’ll thank me later for it. 

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