I’ve given you many different tips about photoshoots – from how to dress to different poses, and much more! But photoshoots can turn into slow drags and make everyone very cranky after the whole thing is done. And while the pictures might look amazing, you won’t feel too good. And I get it, it’s a lot of work, but you shouldn’t have to stress so much! It should be time to celebrate and have a good time! So here are some ways to turn your tedious photoshoot into a great experience for everyone involved. These are the top five ways to ensure you have the best photoshoot possible!

1: Get to know your photographer

Because you’ll work with them for a long time! Schedule a meeting previously to talk about the finer details and what you expect from the photoshoot. Take the time to see their work as well, and get an idea of what you can have. This will, in turn, make you better acquainted with them. And that means you’ll be more relaxed when the time comes for pictures! It can be done days in advance, or perhaps a few hours – just try to have some familiarity. If you’re planning a photoshoot for a big event like your wedding or your pregnancy announcement, working with them on another photoshoot (like your engagement, or a family photoshoot) will break the barriers even further!

2: Bring some refreshments!

One of the main reasons you or your family might start to get cranky is hunger. And really, who wants to be hungry? Try to get something to eat and drink for everyone, like cookies and juice, but not too much! Let’s not get sidetracked! Besides, try not to get anything that will leave a stain. Wardrobe malfunctions can cause more delays and stress than necessary! Some good ideas are bread, small pastries, maybe even some cake! As for drinks some small cups of coffee, hot chocolate, and smoothies will also do the trick. And don’t forget the water!

3: Keep it short

Especially if you have kids. Although some photoshoots can indeed take days or weeks to complete, not all of them will. In fact, yours will probably take an hour or less! There is only so much your creativity can pull off at once. Avoid burnout and unnecessary stress by having a simple, short, easy photoshoot and continue with your day. It’ll barely be a problem! Kids will also be thankful for this, because the longer it continues, the crankier they get. Geez! You’ll wish you had cookies if they do!

4: Know what you want – but keep an open mind

There is nothing more frustrating than starting a project and having no idea what to do! Your photographer can pull off some miracles or hidden tricks, but even they have limits. Be sure to have a vision, something in mind that you want to recreate and work towards. But also be careful with this! Too much inflexibility will conflict with your vision, and you might miss out on some very good opportunities that arise in the moment. Sometimes things turn out for the better without having to plan it! Just keep an open mind, without losing sight of what you want!

5: Goof around!

Why so serious? Have your fun! It’s the only way to have the best photoshoot possible! Don’t get pulled down by all the stress that comes with planning, posing, and expectations. You’re supposed to look back at these moments fondly. So get going and play around a little. Who cares if the picture isn’t worthy of a magazine? Or maybe it is! Either way, it’s yours and yours alone! Positivity spreads like wildfire, and soon you’ll find your friends, family, and even the photographer joining you in your fun. So don’t be shy!

So, feeling better? I sure hope so! These tips should take a load off your shoulders as you prepare for your next photo session. Keep a positive attitude, a smile on your face, and you’ll ace it! You’ll get your money’s worth while also making great memories, and that is what photoshoots should be all about.