Are you nervous about your photoshoot in Punta Cana? Excited? Unsure? It’s okay! Photos last a lifetime, and when you’re getting ready for such a special occasion you want to look your absolute best. Don’t you want to make a lasting impression? That’s why I’m here! Let me tell you some secrets about photography so you know how to dress for a photo session to make sure you look stunning!

Don’t pick very bright colors

Hear me out! It’s okay to go for something flamboyant that you like and want to show off, but make sure not to pick something too vibrant and bedazzling that it distracts everyone and everything around you – including the focus of the photo. On one hand, bright colors might make others look pale in comparison, and on the other hand, the light will make you shine way too much. If you want the colors to pop, just get good lightning! Pick something muted and sober that will blend better with the background, but don’t forget to add your personal spice.

Lighter colors will look fresh

Things like cream, pastel, and lighter colors of that nature will give your pictures a very cool and calm feeling. When you’re decided how to dress for a photo session, these colors will be your best friend. They’ll make you look fresh and happy. Like spring! This is intensified by natural fibers, like linen and cotton, which are soft and love the camera. Light doesn’t mean bright, though! You can absolutely wear that pink shirt, but the fuchsia one is forbidden!

Oh, the colors!

It seems like a very complicated matter, I know! But this is a big deal. The colors you wear are very important. You don’t want to risk looking out of place in certain backgrounds, like the beach, for example. When your photo session takes place by the sea you’ll want to include some shade of blue into your wardrobe. It’ll complement the scenery and make you blend in – like you’re supposed to be there! Other useful colors to wear are cream and green, which can also be found at the beach.

As a general rule, you should try to match your clothing to the background. For example, if you’re taking pictures in Altos de Chavon you might opt for wine tones, browns, and darker colors like that. On the other hand, if your photoshoot is indoors, you can try to sprinkle the color themes of the decoration into your wardrobe. You’ll fit very nicely!

Patterns are fun. Try them out sometime

When you’re wondering how to dress for a photo session, solid colors are a safe choice no matter what you do, but if you feel playful you can splash some patterns here and there! Not everyone in your group should be wearing a funky pattern, though, or your picture will be way too busy. But it’s great to have some patterns around! Do not, however, include animal print, big logos, or anything like that. It’s very hard to match!

Your comfort should be first

I know you’re eyeing that new pair of shoes you bought or that really tight dress, but maybe not today! At the photo session, you’ll be moving around and posing in many different ways. Sometimes you’ll be holding still for a longer period of time. You don’t want to be caught in a restrictive piece of clothing there. Especially if there’s any chance it might break!

Don’t forget about style but never choose something uncomfortable. And please be reasonable! Thick clothing on the beach is not a good idea!

On the subject of glasses

Unless you absolutely must wear glasses, they should be generally avoided. If you wear prescription glasses, it won’t make a difference, but sunglasses will leave very unflattering marks around your eyes once you take them off. You’ll look sick and tired! Nobody wants that for their photoshoot. Try not to wear sunglasses before and during the photoshoot, otherwise you’ll risk those ugly marks.

In case you have to wear them, non-reflective lenses are ideal. Or else you risk distorting the picture! If you have the option, frames without glasses in them make for a good temporary replacement to avoid any funny tricks of the light.

And that’s it! Very simple and easy tips, but they’ll make a huge difference next time you have professional pictures taken. Your photographer will be infinitely grateful. Trust me. Just remember to make it fun and not take it too seriously, or you’ll ruin the experience for yourself. It’s a celebration! Enjoy it, and don’t let anything get in the way. Except for fuchsia, because it’s still forbidden!