We’ve all seen many impressive pictures our family and friends took during their vacations, and how happy they all are. It’s hard not to want something like that for yourself! But when you see their photos you can’t help but notice how they all seem to have the same patterns: people lined up to jump together, or couples holding hands and hugging.
There’s nothing wrong with that, but do you really want to have an average photoshoot? If the answer is no, and you want to make your photoshoot unique, then this article is for you!

1: Make your wardrobe stand out

Of course, your wardrobe has to compliment you, the scenery, and be weather appropriate. But how about spicing things up a little bit with your clothes? Bring something flamboyant and stunning, but tasteful – like a bold jacket or dramatic colors! This is one easy make to make your photoshoot unique!
Make yourself the center of attention with your style choices and people will no doubt remember your pictures. Let go of the traditional and sweet sundress to show up in a blazer, a new haircut, and tight jeans! Check out some other tips in our Clothing Guide for a Beach Photoshoot.

2: Add a personal touch

One of the best ways to make your photoshoot unique is to include your interests in your pictures. If you like gardening, why don’t you sit down by the flowers you grew? But if you’re a musician, introduce the world to your talents and the instruments you play. Even your clothing can reflect some of this, tying into the tip before!
Patterns, accessories, and various trinkets to aid your photoshoot will add that extra spice that you’re looking for. Remember these photos are all about you, so don’t forget to include who you are in them!

3: Play around with poses

I know you really want to hug your partner during that picture, so come on, go and hug them! There are many other ways you can show the world how much they mean to you, however. You can carry them or the other way around, for example, and stare longingly at the other!
If you’re feeling more adventurous, take advantage of the scenery and play a little hide and seek, or perhaps chase each other! There’s no limit to what you can do to tell the world how much you love your significant other, and that’s why you should explore the possibilities!
Family photoshoots only get better in this regard. If you have children, the fun is doubled! Engage with your kids in different, exciting poses that will have them laughing and smiling. And isn’t that what the photos are all about in the end?

4: Change of scenery

Who says every picture has to be at the same location? You have free reign to decide where it happens, so don’t be shy! For example, once you’re done taking pictures at Macao Beach, why don’t you come by Altos de Chavon for a new experience? It’s all within the same island, but vastly different with contrasting atmospheres.
You don’t need to go that far, however; most beaches have a somewhat unexplored green side, away from the water. Walking a little bit off the road you’re bound to find pastures and fields, but the city might offer a stunning urban landscape. No matter where you go many options will open up to you, it’s just a matter of keeping an eye open for them!

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5: Mess with the lightning

And this doesn’t mean to use extreme light, of course! Different times of day offer different colors for your pictures, ranging from the warm and bright tones of the early morning in contrast with the softer, golden hours of twilight. And there’s more to that! Shadows are your friends too.
Good use of shadow effects will give you an interesting or intriguing feeling, or emphasize something that you want others to see. Never underestimate what the dark side can do!

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As you can see, to make your photoshoot unique, all you need to do is show off your personality. Add as much of yourself as you can in your pictures, and show your friends and family who you are with your beautiful photos! Your loved ones will appreciate seeing you having fun, doing what you love, and enjoying yourself. That’s all a photoshoot should aspire to be!

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