I’m sure there are many places you’re considering for your next vacation. Maybe you have a few Caribbean destinations in mind. Making a decision may be difficult, and finding all the information you need before your trip is going to be even harder. You can never be too prepared for a trip abroad! That’s why I decided to make this list of useful information you might not find in other places. It might just sway your decision towards Punta Cana! Here are 7 things you need to know about Punta Cana.

Time zone

Worried about jet lag or wasting time during your stay? Well, you should check the time zone you’re in! Punta Cana uses the Atlantic Standard Time, which is the same as GMT-4, the same as Quebec! It should be contrasted with other places like New York, Washington, and Toronto at GMT-5; Houston, Winnipeg, and New Orleans at GMT-6; or San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver at GMT-6. You might have an easier time adjusting to Punta Cana’s time zone than you would have expected! Just keep in mind, Punta Cana doesn’t change their clocks twice a year like they do in the US or Canada.


While the Dominican Republic is predominantly a Spanish-speaking country, Punta Cana is special because most people you meet will be either proficient enough in English to have a full conversation or have mastered the language altogether. More importantly, all of your servers and the staff you’ll be meeting will be perfectly capable of understanding what you say. In some cases, more languages than English can be supported, but it will always be your safest bet when moving around the town!


This is a very similar situation to the language barrier. It’s almost nonexistent! The Dominican Republic – and by extension Punta Cana – has a currency of its own: the Dominican peso. You can trade with pesos all over the country, but there is also the possibility of using dollars as well. It is actually preferable to use your dollars since they never lose their value, and it’s much easier than going around exchanging them for pesos! However, if you plan to see other parts of the island, it might be a good idea to get some pesos for your travels. Just in case!

It’s a region, not a city

Punta Cana is much larger than you’d expect it to be! Considerably so. Upon hearing the name many will be prompted to think of a coastal town, but it actually is a region with many beaches, towns, and resorts! You won’t get bored of Punta Cana no matter how many times you visit because there’s always something new to explore. Make sure you give each part of the island enough time so you can enjoy it!

The beaches are amazing

Some of the best beaches in the world are here, in our little region! Crystal clear water, white and perfect sand, clear skies… It’s hard to beat the Punta Cana charm. A simple walk along the shore will convince you of this, but you have to experience it for yourself. Pictures don’t do it justice, so come on and judge it on your own!


If all that I’ve described sounds great, you might be thinking that Punta Cana is expensive and will cost you a fortune. However, you should be glad to be wrong! Being such a large region you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from, and get the best deals while ensuring your stay is smooth and relaxing. Food, stay, and entertainment – all in one, and they won’t bleed you dry!

These are some of the most crucial facts you need to know about Punta Cana, and they might sway your choice in favor of the island! There are many other things you might want to know, in which case you should keep reading the blog. Who knows! Maybe I’ve already covered some of the questions you had! In any case, Punta Cana will definitely be worth your while, so don’t be shy!