Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences, and it’s natural to want to celebrate it and tell the world all about it! A pregnancy photoshoot is a great way to do it! But how should you go about it? You’re nervous and don’t know where to start, but that’s what I’m here for. Check out these tips before your photoshoot in Punta Cana!

Tip #1 for your pregnancy photoshoot: Wait for the bump

I know you’re excited to show everyone your beautiful pregnancy, but you’ll want to wait until the bump is visible enough! Otherwise, the pictures won’t have the impact you want. Of course, more people would have seen it by then, but these photos are forever! The more impressive they are, the fonder your memories will be.

Tips #2: Touch your belly

It’s irresistible, I know, so don’t shy away from it! Cover your belly with both of your hands or hold it softly, whatever you choose. It’ll show everyone how loving and caring you are for your new baby. It also draws very obvious attention to your baby bumb, which is exactly what this maternity photoshoot is about! Feel free to grab that belly as much as you want. After all, it’s your baby!

Tip #3: Safety first

When you’re taking pictures it can be very tempting to pull off some kind of stunt, like getting up high for a different angle or play around a little. That’s fine, but only so long as you’re careful and safe! Your baby is still quite delicate, and so is your health, which is why you should never put yourself through unnecessary risks during a pregnancy photoshoot. Yes, pictures are forever, but your safety matters way more!

Tip #4 for your pregnancy photoshoot: Sit down for a little

Don’t be afraid to get comfortable! Photos are best when taken during the most relaxing, comfortable moments. People can tell when you’re having fun and when you’re faking a pose, so don’t fake anything at all! You’re trying to tell the world about your family, so sit back and let your happiness shine through in your pictures.

Tip #5: Be natural

This ties in with the previous tip! Don’t force yourself to make different poses and move a certain way because it’ll only ruin the picture. Keep your face at a normal angle, don’t obscure your face with your hair or fancy props, and try to let loose. Talk to your photographer or friends, have fun, and you’ll see the results!

Tip #6: Bring some props!

Chances are you’ve already bought a lot of baby stuff. And if you haven’t, you really should! Not just to be ready, but because baby clothing and other props can spice up your photoshoot quite a bit! Both parents holding a onesie would make a cute picture! Or you could have different toys close to you. It really depends on what you have and the feeling you want for your pictures, but play around with this idea and you’ll come up with many different photo ops in no time!

Tip #7:  Wear something comfortable to your pregnancy photoshoot

And loose, if possible! Flowy dresses and large, oversized shirts are your best friends. The way they fold and cling to your bump will naturally highlight it, creating a beautiful and ethereal look. What’s more, you’ll also be very relaxed and will be able to try out new poses without putting yourself through any discomfort. There’s just no downsides!

Tip #8: Include your family in the pregnancy photoshoot!

The arrival of a new baby is exciting for your loved ones too, so you should bring them to the photoshoot! They’ll support you through the experience, making sure everything is okay to lift the stress off your shoulders, and will make great models for your photos. They’ll showcase the union between all of you, and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing a family get together! It’s definitely among my favorite tricks for pregnancy photoshoots.

Tip #9: Siblings are more than welcome!

This kind of overlaps with the previous one, but I want to emphasize it a little more. If this isn’t your first baby, it would be incredibly sweet to include their siblings in the pictures! Have them interact with you and the baby bump, kissing it or holding it, whichever you like. Once again this shows how close your family is and how much you love each other, plus it helps your child bond with their sibling before they’re born!

Tip #10: Bring your pets

Because they’re part of your family as well! Your pets will have to interact with the baby as well, and their natural curiosity around the baby bump will make beautiful and innocent pictures without a doubt. Allow them to be themselves, the pets that you love so dearly, and your dynamic will be captured in all its glory. If you’re traveling with your pets, why not bring them along!

Pregnancy photoshoots can be stressful, more so when it’s about something so important in your life, but they don’t need to be! I hope these ideas inspire you to take the most beautiful pictures to show your friends and post online. Follow these tips, add a personal touch, and there’s no way they’ll be anything less than perfect!