Photography is an art, and as such, it can be difficult to come up with original ideas. It can feel as though everything’s been done already, and you know what? Maybe it has… But it’s never been done the way you can! Props are perhaps a bit overused, but it’s about how you use them to express your personality in your pictures. Here are 5 prop ideas for your next photoshoot that can make your photos unique and different. I hope these ideas make you think of something creative and personal to use on your next session so you can get some amazing photos.

1: Flowers

Let’s get it out of the way – flowers are just perfect. Any time. Anywhere. Whether it’s a single rose or a whole bouquet, flowers make an excellent addition to pretty much every picture you can imagine. And there are so many of them, you can choose any flower that matches your personality best to give it a super personal flair! They can be bright and tropical, like the scenery in Punta Cana. Or you can choose a more romantic look with deep red roses. Maybe you like sunflowers instead. I’ll always recommend local tropical flowers – they’re cheaper and look amazing no matter where they are on the island!

2: A large hat

Go big or go home, that’s how you use a hat at a photoshoot! None of the discrete, silly, frilly nonsense; the hat has to be a statement in and of itself. It has to draw attention. Being so big actually serves two purposes! Firstly it’s going to draw attention and make the photo very appealing. It’ll be an eye-catching piece that turns heads and forces people to stare at the picture for much longer. The more details the better! And secondly, it’s going to shield you from the sun. Yes, in Punta Cana this is something you should try to get in the first place, so stop hiding your lovely sunhat and include it in your photos!

3: A meaningful keepsake

Necklaces, charms, chains… You get the idea: something small but very pretty that’ll be the focus of a few pictures. The trinket will be intriguing, telling a story of its own to anyone seeing your pictures. Maybe the necklace was a gift, or you decided to show off your beautiful wedding bands! If it’s a family photoshoot it could be your kid’s favorite toy or the stuffed animal they carry around all the time. Whatever it is, this little trinket will say more about you than any words could!

4: Hobby items

Do you play an instrument? Do you dabble in photography yourself? Maybe you’re really into board games? All of these hobbies are very easy to incorporate into your photoshoot! Bring your instrument of choice and include it in a few hots, or pose with a digital camera while staring at the photographer. If you’re the board game kind of person, sit down and set it up at a nearby table and play a little with your loved ones! These are only some of the examples I can give you, but any hobby you have can be included this way. The only limit is your imagination!

5: Bubbles

Come on, aren’t they cute? Bubbles are bedazzling props because they’re just… pretty! In every way you could imagine! They fit into almost scenario, background, or lightning; they will inevitably give your photos an airy and whimsical feeling, and kids love them. Blowing them could be a shot, or you could chase and pop them as well. Simply put, bubbles are so incredibly versatile there’s no reason not to include them here and there! Surround yourself in soap bubbles and your smile will be one of the most genuine ones you’ve ever seen!

Prop Ideas for a photoshoot

As I said, these are just a few prop ideas for a photoshoot that may ignite a spark in you. Don’t get me wrong, you could use all of them in your photoshoots and it’d be a huge success! But I encourage you to use them as inspiration for your own props. Try to think of props that are more personal to you and you’ll turn something good into something great. Go ahead. You can show off! Now’s your time to shine.