It’s the big day! Well, almost. You have a special someone that you want in your life forever, but you can’t decide how to propose at the beach. All you know is that you’re going to pop that question soon. And I get it; it’s a difficult and nerve-wracking situation! But if you’re prepared, it doesn’t have to be.

Here you’ll find some tips that’ll boost your confidence so you’re ready to propose! I’ll give you the Dos and Don’ts to make this day absolutely spectacular. But of course, you’re here because you want to propose at the beach, so why don’t we make it tropical, too?

DO: Propose at the beach when you’re ready

This is an important part of your life, and you want to make this decision with clarity. Take your time, no one’s rushing you! Ask yourself if this is what you want your life to be like from now on – because taking it back is going to be way harder than you could ever imagine.

This doesn’t relate much to the proposal itself, but being clear in your intention will bring peace and courage to your romantic advances. Fewer clouds on your mind give space for more bravado!

DON’T: Rush it

It’s a special moment, why don’t you enjoy it! If you’re trying to tie the knot, take your time. Not just preparing for the day, but during the event as well.

Savor the moment, make it special, make it unique! Set the mood, make your partner feel special and loved, do something you like together. You have all the time you need to ask, so you better make the most of it while you can!

DO: Spend time together before you propose at the beach

You’re going to be at the beach, and you’re not going to enjoy it? Sounds like a wasted opportunity to me. Punta Cana’s beaches have so much to offer. It’ll be the perfect spot for a romantic time together!

If you both have a magical time in the water, exploring the ocean, surfing, or just generally having fun, you’ll top it all off with a much-anticipated proposal! And they’ll be more likely to say yes, of course. Besides, it shows that you care about your partner, and isn’t that what marriage is all about?

DON’T: Fall prey to trends and fads

Believe me, I know everyone’s doing this or that… Something they saw online for their proposals. But is that really how you want to remember the moment? When you look back on it, the special and romantic moment you spent together is going to be ruined by the looming memory of that weird trend you decided to follow. Sure, it looks good now, but how will it age? You should do something that is true to you two, not what the internet says is cool.

DO: Hire a photographer

You will never be caught off guard this way. After the big moment, you can have it memorialized right away! Talk about convenience. Of course, the photographer is going to be your special agent in the field, and your partner won’t have any idea about what’s going on.

What’s more, the best part about popping the question at Punta Cana’s beaches is that photographers are a common sight, so it will never raise any suspicions! Sometimes, the perfect crime does exist.

DON’T: Have an audience

It sounds good in theory, right? We’ve all seen it in the movies, and we all love the idea of being clapped with as we propose. Sadly, real life is hardly ever like a movie. You’ll be placing a lot of unwanted pressure on your partner, and you want the moment to be special, not stressful!

Find a nice, quiet spot away from the public and offer the ring. You don’t want to risk creating some very bad memories. Do you really want that crowd now?

DO: Practice

And a lot! Please! Actors have to rehearse their lines several times to make them come off right, and they still make mistakes. They do that for a living, daily, and they can still mess it up! What hopes do you have if you don’t prepare? You don’t want your proposal to be mumbled, inaudible, or nonsensical.

Our nerves can easily get in the way and ruin an otherwise perfect occasion, so don’t let it happen to you! This is not to say you’re going to stage a play, but at least know what you want to say and practice in the mirror a few times. Just make sure your partner can’t hear you!

DON’T: Propose without a ring

No one likes to receive an “I owe you”, so why would you do the same to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? So long as your economic circumstances allow it, you should take your time and go through rings until you find the perfect one.

It’s a bit old school, of course, and maybe a bit cheesy, but you’re lying if you tell me you don’t want a ring. Come on, you know you want to! But please be careful because it can easily be lost in the sand. Keep it safe!

DO: Select a beach beforehand

Not just any beach, but one that you love! Or the one your partner loves. It’s your call, in the end. Set the scene with perfectly sugary sand, turquoise and crystalline waters, and the shining sun above you. Plenty of beaches in Punta Cana fit the bill, so it’s a matter of preference at that point!

Bavaro Beach, Macao Beach, Playa Blanca – each of them offers the best possible experience for lovebirds! And it certainly won’t be difficult to find the perfect, intimate spot when you’re there.

Propose at the beach

                So, what do you think? Is that bold enough for you? I sure hope so! These are some of the tips that I think will help you on your romantic quest to propose at the beach. Ultimately you call the shots and you know what works best for you two.

Feel free to modify this advice in any way you want! Just try not to be too pretentious or too simplistic, and you’ll strike the perfect balance. Of course, there is no better place for any couple to have their lovely time together than in Punta Cana, so that much is already covered for you!