When you’re a parent, your kid’s safety is your biggest priority. You spend hours upon hours worrying about them, about what they’ll eat, or if they are in good company. So naturally, when planning a vacation abroad, all of your alarms go off! All you’re thinking is, is Punta Cana safe for kids? This is normal, and part of what it is to be a parent, but I’m here to dispel your doubts.

Punta Cana is perfect for any vacation you may want to take, regardless of whether it’s for a family or a group of friends, and today I’m here to convince you of that!

Security is amazing

Were you worried about being mugged? Well, that’s silly! Punta Cana is one of the safest destinations to visit, no matter which part you go to! The beaches and the entire area are patrolled constantly and kept under tight security, so you can relax while you have your fun! Do keep in mind that the beach isn’t safe at night, but everything else shouldn’t pose a threat for you or your kids. Enjoy our island and all it has to offer!

Resorts have daycares and attendants, too

Not all of them, but most resorts you go to will have some form of child care so you can finish your business if need be. And if you’re concerned about the quality of said services, almost every resort you choose will have a very high rating and great reviews to confirm this! I recommend you do your research, but it won’t take you long to find one that suits your needs.

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Remember to pack sunscreen, though

This should be obvious, but people really do forget to! If you’re coming to Punta Cana, a tropical island, you might find the sun to be harsher than what you’re normally used to. It can cause some nasty burns, and you better keep your kids safe by protecting them the best you can!

On that note, now that we’re talking about packing, you should include weather-appropriate clothing and moisturizer. Aloe is always a good idea, too. You can’t be too safe! I want you to enjoy the beach, so please take care of yourself and of your kids.

Avoid tap water

And only tap water, really. Everything else is safe for consumption, and you’ll find no shortage of restaurants and places to eat. Don’t be too worried about costs, because even the cheapest of meals will be new and exciting for you!

Try to go for bottled water, which shouldn’t be a problem when you’re at your hotel or resort. They’ll provide you with everything you need without any issue, and this won’t be a concern so long as you stay with them! All restaurants and even street food vendors will have something to offer as well.

Try some activities

It’s Punta Cana, a paradise, and you won’t try something exciting? That won’t do! Ziplining, exploring caves, swimming in lagoons – all of that sounds like so much fun, and you wouldn’t want your kids to miss out on it. No problem! They won’t have to skip any of these because they’re all tailored for kids as well. People on the island will be glad to help and readily come to your aid whenever you need it. Just trust your guide, take the precautions needed, and off you go to an adventure of a lifetime!

And of course, the main attraction…

The beaches! They’re some of the safest spots on the entire island, believe me. The entire experience is streamlined so you won’t have to worry about a thing as long as you’re there. And you’ll enjoy top-notch security no matter which beach you choose! As mentioned before, stay off of it at night because guards won’t be around, but you’ll want to be there in the morning and afternoon anyway. The sun shines bright, the waves are soft and relaxing, and your kids will be able to play safely as much as they want. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So, are you convinced yet? Is Punta Cana safe for kids? Well, yes it is! If you come to Punta Cana, nothing will go wrong. Just follow your gut, listen to your guide, and it’ll be alright! Your kids will have a great time while they explore the many beauties Punta Cana has, and you’ll enjoy a relaxing vacation without any of your daily life problems. I see no downsides here!