Many people wonder if Punta Cana is a good place to vacation. You hardly know anything about it, and you’ve never been before. You may be wondering: is Punta Cana safe to visit? What can I expect during my trip? It’s okay to have your reservations when you visit a new place. Today I’ll tell you all the reasons why Punta Cana is a safe place to visit and why you’ll absolutely fall in love with this beautiful island.

Resorts are perfectly safe

Without a doubt, the most secure place you will find in Punta Cana is your resort. Hands down. From the moment you arrive, you will see the security guards, cameras, and staff that will ensure you have a wonderful, safe vacation. If you’re ever nervous about going outside the resort, it’s perfectly understandable to spend the day at the pool or the beach. Which, by the way, is secured as well!

Security presence

All around Punta Cana you will see police officers patrolling the area, from the beach to the streets. Not an hour will pass before you spot the first one! They roam Punta Cana day and night and will make sure that all of your activities are safe and secure. The only issue is that they don’t patrol the beaches at night so you should avoid going to the beach after midnight. But don’t worry! There’s plenty to do after the sun sets!

People in Punta Cana are friendly and helpful

One of the biggest factors that will contribute to your overall sense of security is the friendly people around you. Yes, Dominican Republic’s official language is Spanish, but almost everyone in Punta Cana will be able to understand you if you speak English! So with that in mind, feel free to strike up a conversation here and there. We’re very friendly and eager to help! If you need directions, recommendations, or if you just want someone to talk to, you’ll find a friend without any issue. This is especially good if you’re traveling alone! There’s nothing worse than being lost without anyone to navigate the area with you!

There’s a low crime rate in Punta Cana

And this is the biggest advantage Punta Cana has over other vacation spots! Crime, in general, will be very low, but we also boast one of the lowest violent crime rates. It’s a combination of the two factors above, which should pair up nicely to create a friendly and welcoming environment. Forget about the ugly risks of a tropical paradise, there’s not a single thing to worry about when you stay here! Cancun and Bahamas have nothing on Punta Cana, not even close.

What about extreme sports?

We have plenty of activities that you can try out when you come to visit. Think snorkeling or surfing and horseback riding. These may seem like dangerous sports, but rest assured that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Security is one of our priorities, and so we’ve made sure every attraction and sport we promote is nothing short of safe. Give them a go! You won’t regret it!

Is there something you should avoid?

The sun and tap water are the only things you should be worried about. And hey, it’s okay, they are extremely easy to avoid! You’ll find that the sun is very intense in Punta Cana, especially at mid-day, so you should protect yourself against it by using lots of sunscreen. Try not to burn, or you’ll be red in your photoshoot! As for the water just avoid drinking straight from the tap- easy as that. Your resort will provide plenty of bottled water and other beverages, and anywhere else you go will be similarly stocked, so this is not a concern at all!

So is Punta Cana safe to visit?

In short, yes it’s perfectly safe! You only have very minor and solvable risks that shouldn’t inconvenience you, and the bigger threats just don’t exist. Relax! Punta Cana is designed to make your life easy and enjoyable so you can focus on what you want to do. Have a photo session, go to the beach, enjoy some seafood! Let your worries go because this is paradise!