When you’re traveling, safety should always be your priority! The good news is that Punta Cana is one of the safest destinations for you! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself. I want you to have the best, safest experience you can. So here are the top 5 Punta Cana safety tips that I recommend. Please don’t forget these tips on your upcoming vacation! You can never be too sure!

Safety tip #1: Don’t go to the beach at night

Punta Cana’s beaches are wonderful places where families and couples gather to have fun and mess around. You can even meet your new soulmate there! And it’s true, they’re very safe to be at during the day. As long as the sun is up, you can rest assured nothing will happen. That’s because the beaches are patrolled during the day. But they’re not patrolled at night. It might be tempting to go for a walk by the seaside with the moon shining on you, but sadly, it’s not a good idea! Instead, enjoy some of the other wonders we have to offer, like night clubs or restaurants!

punta cana safety tips

Safety tip #2: Wear sunscreen. A lot

The Dominican Republic is a tropical island where the sun shines all day long. Always bright and warm, welcoming everyone to enjoy the view! But with an ever-shining sun comes the threat of sunburn. And these sunburns can be very nasty if they’re not taken care of properly. Save yourself the trouble and apply a lot of sunscreen when you go outside. Even if it’s not to the beach! You don’t want to be red and sore when your photoshoot comes up, so you better play it safe.

Punta Cana safety tip #3: Avoid tap water

This one should be very easy to do, thankfully! Tap water in Punta Cana doesn’t have the same standards as other places, so you shouldn’t drink straight from the source. However, everywhere you go, there will be plenty of bottled water – and other drinks to choose from – so it shouldn’t be an issue! Restaurants, hotels, resorts, and bars will be glad to provide enough water and refreshments for you, so this is a minor concern. Still, don’t forget about it!

Safety tip #4: Take the bus, don’t drive

Even if you came to Punta Cana constantly, it would be hard for you to feel familiar with its roads and other things that might be dangerous while driving. What’s more, you can easily get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. If you can help it try, to take the bus instead, as it will drive you to the place you need to go and back without issue! They have fixed routes that go to the most popular places, so it’s a good solution for your vacation.

Punta Cana safety tip #5: Don’t buy from sellers at the beach

This safety tip is bit of common sense, but it’s still worth mentioning! Not every seller you meet will be bad, but it’s best to be wary of sellers on the beach. They can be rather aggressive. And there’s no way to verify the quality of what they’re selling. If you want to do some souvenir shopping, then you can buy from them. (Be sure to haggle!) But if you want to book an excursion, it’s best to book with a verified tour operator. Otherwise, you never know who you’re giving your money to. Or if they’ll even show up for the scheduled excursion pick up time. Who knows what might happen! Street food vendors are generally safe, however, but do exercise some caution.

And that’s all of the Punta Cana safety tips I have for you today! Do you see how small the list is? That’s because in Punta Cana, you’ll have very little to worry about! Keep these safety tips in mind and you’ll have the easiest, most relaxing vacation you could’ve ever asked for. Explore the island without any restraint, and remember to document your trip with a photoshoot! Have you really been to Punta Cana without pictures to back it up? Don’t think so!