So you’ve decided to spend your vacation in the Dominican Republic, and you’ve heard nothing but good things about Uvero Alto. That’s great! It’s true! Uvero Alto is a little area just outside of Punta Cana, famous for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous resorts. Why wouldn’t you want to visit? Now’s the time to choose where you’ll stay for your trip. Get ready for a vacation in the most beautiful tropical paradise you’ll ever find. Here are my top three picks for resorts in Uvero Alto.

Tui Sensatori

A clean and simple resort, Tui Sensatori might just be the right place for your dream vacation! This little piece of paradise will spare no expense on making you feel comfortable and right at home. Its rooms are fresh and well lit, with as many windows as you could want to enjoy the stunning views and morning sun of Punta Cana. You get exclusive views of the ocean and a perfect spot for your family vacation! Did you want a swim-up bar? Sure, Tui Sensatori has got you covered. How about a swim-up room? Consider it done. The beach is right nearby, but you might not even want to leave your resort!

Unique features:

  • With a swim-up bar, room, and even a pool butler, there are a lot of reasons to try the pool.
  • A lighthouse restaurant will prove to be unique for sure!
  • You will be taken to your room by a golf buggy.
  • Extremely family friendly.

Things to consider:

  • Primarily a family resort. Not ideal for couples without kids.
  • Excellent for a casual, fun time, but not a sophisticated resort for high-end vacation.

Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino

When you’re looking for a more professional style, Royalton will surely deliver. Its rooms are decorated with a classical and conservative style, more reminiscent of your home than of a tropical paradise. Elegant, stylish, modern – all of those words define Royalton above all else! It has views of the ocean, but you’ll have more space to yourself away from all the pool activities. Suitable for couples, or people looking to stay at a classier resort without sacrificing that homey feel!

Unique features:

  • Keeping in line with its theme, it has a martini bar just in case you want to have a little extra fun.
  • Plenty of restaurants to choose from. Take your pick!
  • Up for a game? You can play at the tennis court then!
  • Featuring an adult-only pool, everyone can find a place to have fun.

Things to consider:

  • It’s still a family resort, caution is advised.
  • Restaurants often need reservations for dinner. You can still eat from the buffet, however!

Excellence El Carmen

This is where it gets exciting. Although a bit pricy, Excellence El Carmen is well known for its quality! Everything is the best it can be, from start to finish – the service, the food, the rooms, the options you have. Prepare to be bedazzled by contemporary Caribbean architecture, twenty different pools, and a beach snack grill in case you wanted more luxuries! It’s also packed with restaurants, all of them just as good as the next. With a five-star rating, this resort will make you wish you could stay forever.

Unique features:

Things to consider:

  • Higher cost than average.
  • Drinks are unimpressive. Not bad, but not spectacular either.

Resorts in Uvero Alto

These are, of course, not all the options for resorts in Uvero Alto, but I picked these three specifically because they work well with three different needs. Tui Sensatori is a well-rounded, family-friendly resort where you can take your kids to have a great time, enjoy quirky luxuries, and explore new things. Excellence El Carmen, on the other hand, is well-suited for couples and adults who want to have a luxurious vacation without any restraint, and indulge in fine living. Finally, Royalton is a good blend of both family-friendly and luxurious, sacrificing the most niche of features to provide the middle ground you need!

With this in mind, you should be able to make an educated decision! I invite you to do more research on the matter, but these are generally safe options to have at hand. And of course, read up on these resorts on your own too! You might just learn something new.