So you’re thinking about going to Punta Cana with your significant other. That’s great! And there’s nothing like spending a romantic evening with that special someone to celebrate your relationship. So don’t worry about where to go, Punta Cana will offer you everything you could ever want and more! The island’s wonders will never cease to amaze you. So let’s check out the 5 most perfect places for a romantic date in Punta Cana! You don’t have to choose just one.

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1: Jellyfish Restaurant

What, you thought I was going to say the beach? Well of course the beach is a perfect place to spend the day, but where you really want to go to is this restaurant. As you approach it you’ll be greeted by a stunning view, combining a rustic feeling with the elegance of modern-day! Coincidentally, those are the perfect words to describe Punta Cana as a whole, so go figure. And when you go inside you won’t be disappointed either: you might even want to have your wedding here! No kidding, it’s gorgeous. The food is of course extremely good, and I would recommend the lobster! Add some drinks to the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect romantic date in Punta Cana.

2: Huracan Café

Jellyfish is a great combination of the new and the old, but maybe you’re looking for a different experience. Maybe something rough, exciting, vintage. Well, Huracan Café will be your new favorite place! And while it doesn’t have the same breathtaking exteriors of Jellyfish, it more than makes up for it with its wooden décor and ambiance, making the experience vastly different. Have a few drinks, enjoy the company, and relax as you stare into each other’s eyes and the hours go by! It’s also very close to Bavaro beach, so if you go during the day this might be your chance to enjoy the sun as well!

3: Hard Rock Café

Are you in the mood for a burger? This would be the place to go then! Enjoy your evening while listening to rock music and eating incredible food. The ambiance will swallow you up right away, trust me. It doesn’t have the same rustic rock charm as the other ones, but it more than makes up for it with the decoration. Some pieces were even donated by the legendary Santana, a key figure in Mexican rock! They also offer vegan and vegetarian options, for those who might want them. It really does have it all!

4: Go on an adventure together

This idea sounds a little broad, but let me explain! The island has many activities that are just waiting for you to enjoy them, so why don’t you and your partner hop on for a ride? Explore the seas while snorkeling, or ride the waves on a surf board! Perhaps you’re feeling extra adventurous and you decided to go on a safari, who knows? It might not be as relaxed and calm as going to a restaurant, but it’s your vacation and you should live it out however you want. And who says you have to go to dinner to have a romantic date in Punta Cana? A full day trip can be just as romantic. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

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5: Altos de Chavon

Can I ever say enough about this place? Honestly, I don’t think so. It’s so beautiful and charming, it’s hard to look away! It oozes magic all around, and exploring this unique little villa will prove more than entertaining. There aren’t as many things to do while you’re there, but the experience is more about exploration than anything. Rediscover the Mediterranean, colonial style with your partner, and revel in its wonders. If you’re looking for wedding venues, this one is perfect too!

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As you can see, Punta Cana will never be short on things to do! There is more to our island than its (admittedly perfect) beaches, it’s just a matter of looking around. I’m sure that as you go to the places mentioned here you’ll discover more and more, and you’ll soon fall in love with the island! But of course, you should celebrate your love for each other way more. Have fun!