When you’re booking a trip to a new place, you can never be too sure about the safety of that destination. Safety is everyone’s number one concern, and even more so when it comes to your vacation. You’re trying to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island, so the last thing you should do is second-guess yourself at every step. None of that! Punta Cana is a wonderful place, and you can expect to feel safe throughout your stay. But if you don’t want to take my word for it, let me give you some of the reasons why it is safe to visit Punta Cana!

The beaches are guarded all day

If you wanted to visit Punta Cana because of its beautiful beaches, you’re in luck! There’s no reason to worry when you spend the day swimming and playing around. The beaches are guarded by resort security day and night, making them extremely safe for everyone who visits. I don’t recommend walking on the beach at night, but if you want to stroll around your resort, you’ll be perfectly fine. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to do at night aside from walking on the beach!

In fact, you can just try the night scene!

This means both nightclubs and restaurants, because everyone can have fun here! While the beaches are only truly safe during the day, the city itself is patrolled by police all day long – and at night, too! There isn’t a moment where you’ll feel unsafe, and should any issues pop up, the police will be there to lend a hand and sort it out on the spot. If you wanted to try out a new restaurant, or if you’re looking for good drinks and music, then this is your chance to explore!

Violent crime is very rare

Unlike other vacation spots that have rather violent crimes, Punta Cana is mostly free from it. Of course, you can’t always predict what people will do, but the chances of being the victim of a violent crime are very slim. Perhaps Punta Cana is even safer than your own city. Leave it to the police officers to keep everything in order!

Is drinking water safe?

Yes, but with a few notes. You shouldn’t drink tap water because it’s impossible to tell how it’s been treated. Your resort, however, will offer you plenty of water to keep you hydrated and healthy! They may serve it in a glass or from a bottle, but either way, it’s safe to drink. On top of the regular assorted soft drinks, juices, and alcoholic beverages, of course.

How about food?

Will the food be safe, you ask? Absolutely! And in most cases, it’s very good too, in case you wanted to know. Your resort will be filled with several restaurants with great quality, and there are many others around the area that offer authentic food for you to try out! Jellyfish is a great option if you want to get off the resort and experience fine dining. Street food can’t be accounted for so it should be consumed with caution. If you want to be sure of what you’re eating, your resort and other establishments will be more than enough.

Are there hurricanes in Punta Cana?

Yes, but you shouldn’t worry much about them too much. You don’t need to worry about the weather at all! There’s a hurricane season, which is why you should check out this article to know when is the best time to visit. Even so, weather changes very quickly, so a rainy day will turn sunny in just a few hours. This doesn’t mean you should ignore authorities in case of emergency, though – sometimes, very rarely, you’ll have to stop your activities. But so long as you follow the guidelines, this is definitely something you shouldn’t stress about!

Is it safe to visit Punta Cana with kids?

In every sense, yes. Families looking to stay with kids can trust the many security measures in place, because they’re designed with you in mind! Little kids and teenagers alike have so much to do on their Punta Cana trip, which is why their safety is a priority. This article should tell you everything you need to know about this!

In my opinion, there’s no reason to worry when coming to Punta Cana! No matter how long you’re staying or what you plan to do, Punta Cana offers a very controlled environment where you can unwind and forget about your daily life. Have a photoshoot, spend your days at the beach, eat out – it doesn’t matter, because it’s your time to shine and nothing will stop you! It’s safe to visit Punta Cana!