Are you thinking about putting a ring on it? That’s exciting news, and I bet you want it to be a special occasion! What’s more, you’re trying to have a picture of the moment when you surprise your partner! Those are all great things, and I’ll help you accomplish them both. This guide will teach you all you need to know about planning a secret photoshoot proposal that will make your significant other swoon!

Before the secret photoshoot proposal

Don’t get ahead of yourself. There’s a lot to figure out before you even think about proposing. Try to take it slow and think this decision through for a long time. You should only plan a secret photoshoot proposal if you’re absolutely ready for that next step in your relationship. So once you’ve cleared your mind and you know this is the right step for you both, then you can start planning. There must be no second guesses, so be sure of your intention!

Make sure you’re both on the same page

First, you need to know if your proposal will be well received. Don’t ask outright if your significant other wants to marry you, but speak hypothetically. Start to drop a few hints about spending the rest of your lives together, or maybe ask them directly if they see themselves with you long term. Do that kind of thing, nothing too bombastic or sneaky. Listen carefully to what they say and pay special attention to their body language – any sign of excitement is a good sign!

Once you’ve convinced yourself (and them, maybe) about it, you can proceed with your planning. This part can take weeks if not months, and will also help you decide whether you want to go forward with it or not, so it serves dual purpose!

Set a budget

This is pretty much the first step in anything before you can get any real action done. Remember that this proposal is special (it happens during a photoshoot!), so you will be spending a little extra to surprise your significant other! This budget should include the ring as well as any travel expenses you might need if you’re going abroad. Might I suggest Punta Cana as a destination? No matter where you want it to be, find out how much a photographer would charge you for the service. Though don’t worry, there’s no extra fee for keeping the proposal a secret!

Get the ring

Easier said than done, for sure! The ring symbolizes your union, and you should pick something that your partner will like. Only you can tell what they’d like to have, but try to adhere to your budget very strictly. It’s not always easy, as there are so many beautiful options, but I’m sure you can find something your partner will love!

If you’re not sure where to start, trying creeping on their Pinterest or Instagram page. If you’re on the same page when it comes to marriage, chances are they’ve already found a few rings that caught their interest.

Another idea: if your partner wears rings regularly, try to find out which size they use. Again, all in secrecy. If you have no window of opportunity it’s not a big deal. The good news is that you can resize it if it’s too big or small, so that shouldn’t stress you too much!

Celebrate after the secret proposal photoshoot, not before

It’s tempting, I know. It’s very enticing to have a celebration right on the spot, but it’s really not the time! After you give your partner the ring you two should enjoy the moment. It’s a special occasion that won’t last long, so take the opportunity to stare into each other’s eyes longingly and share the love. More importantly, since the proposal is going to happen during a photoshoot, you’ll get pictures of your partner’s sincere and unfiltered reaction. Don’t ruin it by introducing new people into the mix! Finish the photoshoot, and it’ll forever be one of your happiest memories together with the added bonus of photographic evidence!

Make your secret proposal photoshoot intimate

Your engagement is a special opportunity for you to celebrate your love and your union. All of the steps that have been mentioned before are there to prepare you for this one: intimacy! This is a one in a lifetime event for most people, and there’s nothing worse than having it ruined by onlookers or hastily made decisions. Every step of the way has to be done with love and care, so stop to ask yourself if you’re not hurrying up to get it done.

To make this an intimate photoshoot, try to include things that are reminiscent of your relationship. Jokes between you two, for example, can be used as visual gags. Select your photoshoot destination based on a location that is important to you two – for example, if you went on a vacation to Punta Cana, it could be there! There are some wonderful beaches to set the background! Alternatively, you can set the mood by having a romantic date before or after the photoshoot, to make it even more memorable. Anything that shows that you care and put energy into this will be an excellent addition! This moment is about you two, after all!

Hire your photographer – and tell them about your plans

And with this we would conclude the preparations for the photoshoot right before the big moment! It’s crucial that you tell your photographer about your intentions, because they will be your ally during the secret operation, sort of like an anchor point. Chances are they’ve done something similar in the past, so don’t worry! They’ll be an excellent addition.

Your photographer can help you set you up for the perfect shot before you pop the question, while also keeping the charade along by distracting your significant other. If you get nervous, they can help you out to keep the mystery going. What’s more, if you don’t tell your photographer that you’ll be proposing in the middle of it, you might end up losing your perfect shot! The idea here is to take pictures of the reactions as the question happens, ensuring genuine and heartfelt expressions; if it’s a surprise to both your partner and the photographer, you risk missing out on capturing that special moment.

In short, work with your photographer to plan the perfect secret proposal photoshoot!

Plan the surprise!

And here’s where you can have fun! There are many different ways to surprise your partner with the photoshoot, but all of them include keeping it a secret for a while. Your photographer can help you here. First you need to come up with an excuse for the photoshoot, and this can go two ways!

Option 1:

The first one is to convince your partner to have the photoshoot first and propose in the middle of it. You can start by listing reasons to have a photoshoot, such as a special occasion you two want to celebrate like a birthday, or simply because it’s fun! They’re not very expensive, so costs and the like shouldn’t be a concern. You can even tell them to have the photoshoot at the beach, to make it more fun and less conspicuous! It’s common to find couples and tourists taking pictures at Punta Cana’s beaches, so there shouldn’t be any reason to expect anything else is going on. Then, in the middle of it all, propose!

Option 2:

The second option is more fun and keeps the excitement going for longer, and it’s to stage something with your photographer! One of my favorite tricks is to send a letter pretending to be from the resort, announcing that you two won a surprise photoshoot courtesy of the establishment. Who can resist something like that? The photographer will lead you to the location you two agreed on, and it’ll be your chance to drop the question while you’re getting photographed! You can get creative with these, but try not to make it outlandish or extravagant. The key to a good surprise is simplicity! Talk to your photographer about what you two can do to make this happen.

Your Secret Photoshoot Proposal

This is the big event! You want everything to be just right. Romantic. Intimate. Beautiful. So don’t skip any of the details!

Choose a location

As mentioned above, the location is one of those elements that contributes the most to intimacy and atmosphere. It’ll depend entirely on how you want to do it!

If you want to schedule the photoshoot with your partner’s approval, you have free reign on where you want the photoshoot to happen. Since it’s something you two agreed on and have a flexible schedule to work with, you can go anywhere from the beach to Altos de Chavon. Your favorite location is probably the best one.

The Beach

For example, if you choose to go for Macao Beach you can entice your partner by telling them about the rocky and beautiful cliffs in the distance, its white sand, and its beautiful turquoise water. It’s a tropical paradise! For those who love the pure Punta Cana experience this is ideal. You can ask the question while the waves roar in the distance, the sun shining in your face, emotions and the heat running high!

Altos de Chavon

Similarly, Altos de Chavon makes another excellent location for the photoshoot. It’s a beautiful little villa with stunning and charming architecture, and it has a chapel where many weddings are officiated. A bit on the nose, but isn’t that romantic? The big question can happen right outside the chapel, where you two could even get married one day!

Now, if you want to construct a scenario like the one I described earlier, your options are more limited. While it would be nice to go to Altos de Chavon, for example, it’s 90 minutes by car to get there from Punta Cana, making it a little inconvenient. Besides, it can break the illusion really fast. You should choose the beach that is closest to your resort, the pool, or even do it inside one of the resort’s special rooms. Basically, stay close to where the stage happens, or else you risk giving it all away! No one will believe the photographer works with the resort if you’re taking pictures far away from it!

Less is more at a secret proposal photoshoot

Make it beautiful, but keep it simple. It’s tempting to overload your proposal with little hints here and there, give your partner a lot of gifts and attention, or choose some incredible and expensive location for your question. However, in the long run, none of these things will matter. Making it intimate and exciting is good, but it’s important to divert your attention to where it really matters. Any additional plans have to come after the main event is set!

The photoshoot has to be sweet and simple. A couple’s photoshoot (which will soon turn into an engagement photoshoot) should focus less on the scenery and more on you two. Clothes should be normal, something comfortable you can pose around in without much trouble, and harmonize with the setting. Forget things like balloons, big signs, or expensive gifts – props should be minimal, too. Just don’t add too much!

Your photographer won’t hide

None of that! That’s a bad idea and can go wrong in so many ways. It’s inconvenient for you, firstly, because it would severely limit where the photoshoot can take place. You’d be forced to either have it at a park where the photographer can hide, or at a public space where they can blend in. In either case you can’t set the scene how you want it, which completely takes away from the romance and intimacy. You’d be ruining the moment by cheapening it this way. What’s worse, you would be almost forced to have an audience around you, and that’s still a very bad idea! Big proposals are too much pressure, too messy, and often lead to hurt feelings.

It’s disjointed and impractical. Instead, keep pretending it’s a normal photoshoot until you feel comfortable enough to pop the question. Then, as you’re doing so, your photographer can take pictures of the entire process. They’ll be complicit in your scheme while never hiding or doing something silly like rushing to get your picture! Everything will go smoothly, and you can share knowing smiles as you two execute the plan.

Besides, if you keep it going like a normal photoshoot, you already have the engagement photos ready! Think about how the genuine surprise and happiness of your partner makes for the most beautiful pictures to show your friends and family, and how you can gloat about your little deception. There’s just no downside to this approach!

As mentioned before, having the photographer working with you will also keep undesirable attention away. They can manage crowds gathering around you if you’re at the beach, or suggest moving to a quieter place for the big question. And they’ll thank you because they won’t have to hide in a bush!

Capture the moment!

And here comes the big moment! Once the mood is set, the stage is all done, and your partner has been brought in front of the camera, the plan is in motion. A photoshoot normally takes a long time, so you have plenty of space to decide. Try to make the first few minutes go routinely, posing and talking normally. Don’t be too obvious!

Be extra cute or funny. Make your partner smile and feel special! Talk to them during the entire process, compliment them. Don’t forget to also tell them how much you care about them, and keep increasing the intensity of the interactions to build up confidence. Try to do those little things that make your partner laugh, or hug them extra tight. Let them know that this moment is special. If you’re nervous this can relax you, giving you the confidence boost you need. It’s your moment so take it slow!

When the mood is set and you’ve gathered all your confidence you know it’s the best moment to strike. If you’re the kind of person to give a little speech there’s nothing stopping you from doing it right there and then, because what better time than that! Let your heart lead the way. Signal to your photographer that it’s time, and get ready to pull out the ring. Pictures will follow suit, and hopefully they’ll say yes too!

From start to finish you’ll get full coverage of the event, and your pictures will show nothing but pure joy and love. You two will remember this moment forever!

After the secret proposal photoshoot

It’s not over yet! There are still a few things to sort out!


However you want, celebrate the fact that you had a successful proposal and you’re engaged! Take your significant other out for dinner, or cook something special for them. Drink something if you’re so inclined, but don’t let the event go without at least a hurray! And yes, you can and should include family and friends here. They will surely want to join the celebration!

Or maybe you want to spend it alone, which no one would blame you for! But don’t forget to at least have a little fun after the proposal is done. You’ll see the pictures later. Now is the time for you two to shine!

Final thoughts on a secret proposal photoshoot

Proposals are some of the most nerve-wracking things you can ever do. There’s always the question of whether they’ll say yes or not, or if they like what you planned! Although there’s no way to predict the future, if you’re here you likely know the answer will be yes. You need to take risks in life anyway!

The least you can do is make your secret photoshoot proposal as fun and special as you can. Your partner (and hopefully, future spouse) can at least enjoy the moment while it lasts. Set the mood, make them feel special, and strike when they least expect it! It’s a perfect formula.

Just follow these steps and don’t do anything reckless!