A new theme park is coming to Punta Cana! It’s the first theme park in the area, and it is expected to bring new thrills to the popular tourist destination. There will be a wide variety of activities for all ages!

So who is going to open the park? Well, Falcon’s Creative Group and Katmandu Group have partnered together to build an entire series of entertainment venues around the world. They’ll start their project in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

palm trees in punta cana

The Katmandu Group’s goal is to create a fun, thrilling, new-generation of theme parks. They like telling stories in an exciting, immersive way. Since Punta Cana is known for its tourism and all-inclusive resorts, the new theme park should fit in perfectly.

Katmandu already has a very successful theme park in Mallorca, Spain. It was voted the #2 amusement park in Spain! Hopefully, they can find the same success in Punta Cana.

Features of the New Theme Park in Punta Cana

The new theme park in Punta Cana will have tons of attractions and activities! One of the top attractions is a 36-hole golf course that winds around a Nepalese mountain landscape. Sounds cool, right?!

mini golf in punta cana

They also plan to implement a brand new concept of a movie theater, turning it into an interactive experience. The Suspended Theater will literally pull guests into the movie with movements, scents, wind, and water for a fully immersive experience from start to finish. It’s said to be a magical adventure for the whole family!

Other features of the theme park include interactive rides and a ninja playground filled with obstacle courses and climbing nets. Not to mention the host of restaurants and cafes that will fill the park.

The new theme park is expected to open later in 2020 (but that may be delayed due to the coronavirus closures). On your next trip to the Dominican Republic, check to see if the new theme park has opened in Punta Cana, and schedule a visit! It should be a blast!

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