When you think of weddings you’re likely to imagine large white halls with ivory pillars, a massive archway, and rows upon rows of seats. Sadly, when it comes to beach weddings in Punta Cana, these might be a bit hard to find. But don’t worry! There are other ways to make your guests feel welcome and impress them when you’re at the beach. It’s just a matter of following these 9 tips for your beach wedding. Let’s give it a go!

Tip #1: Flower power!

If you spend any amount of time on a tropical island like ours, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the most beautiful flowers you could ever imagine! Colorful, vivid, splendid, and aromatic are some of the words used to describe them. Why would you pass on such an opportunity? Not only are you going to present stunning flower arrangements, but you’ll also be saving a lot of money by sourcing these from local markets. And, what’s more, they blend in beautifully with the rest of the island, making it look extra special!

Tip #2: Have a piece of cake

Decoration for your wedding also includes your wedding cake. You don’t want to forget it! When you’ve settled on the colors and themes for the wedding, it’d be a good idea to make your cake as fun and beachy as possible. Give each layer of your cake a different color and texture, combining it with the themes of the entire ceremony, or add some natural decorations like seashells! It’ll be just as flamboyant and magnificent as any other wedding cake without being too formal and following the norm!

Tip #3: Make it casual and fun

An advantage that beach weddings have over any other kind is their flexibility. Forget about stiff tuxedos and large cocktail dresses, it’s time to let loose! As such, you should let go of the boring and formal decorations to have something more flexible. Try new colors, new textures, new patterns! Dress the ceremony in blue instead of white, or bring a surfboard to stand by the entrance! Why don’t you have the ceremony close to the palm trees? There are so many more creative and interesting things you can come up with. Maybe keep a few hammocks around to keep your guests relaxed after all is done!

Tip #4: Seafood by the seaside

Probably one of the most important parts of a wedding for some people, and half the reason they attend is the food. And you’re in Punta Cana, where the seafood is the bread and butter. You’re telling me you won’t have any seafood at your wedding? That can’t be. But what makes this idea special is to prepare the space for your guests right by the sea, where everyone can enjoy the turquoise water with the soft and relaxing breeze of the ocean on the side. Just remember to wait for a little before taking a dip! Now let’s keep going with our tips for your beach wedding.

Tip #5: How about ice cream

How nice is it to have a cup of ice cream on a hot summer day? Well imagine that kind of bliss but at your wedding! Having some ice cream on the side as a refreshment might not be the fanciest of options, but your guests will appreciate it and love it! Any flavor you want would be great, but you get extra points if you combine the colors with your theme.

Tip #6: Beach games can be fun

At this point, it’s kind of a party, but it’s your celebration so have it any way you like! Did you decide to marry at the beach because you loved playing there? Say no more. When all is done, the guests had some food and you’re all spending the last few hours of your ceremony, why don’t you pull out some beach games like volleyball to spice up the mood? Just try to be careful with your wedding dress!

Tip #7: Bring the sea to your ceremony!

Don’t be a fish out of the water at the beach, and get some sea decorations! Bright corals with their peachy colors, seashells, dyed glass… Take your pick, but make it unique! You can use these little arrangements on the tables, at the reception, your entrance, little corners… So many opportunities! And of course, getting these will be easier and cheaper during your stay at Punta Cana, so that’s another plus.

8: Give your archway a makeover

A tropical makeover to be precise. Use some local flowers to give it a unique, sunny look, or get some palm leaves and place them at the sides. Maybe incorporate some sea arrangements in there somehow, or skip the traditional archway and use palm leaves instead! That boring, traditional wooden structure can take a seat for this ceremony.

Tip #9: Offer some tropical drinks!

Because you know what every wedding needs? Liquor. This is a known fact. Many wonderful locals will be experts at making these so finding a willing bartender will be no problem! As for soft drinks, coconut water makes a refreshing and fun beverage that everyone can enjoy, alongside other flavors like passion fruit or soursop are excellent and highly recommended. Taste the tropical rainbow!

Tips for your beach wedding

There are so many more interesting things waiting to be discovered! These are just nine out of the extensive list you can try out, just be creative with your resources. Incorporate the local culture, flora, flavors, and style to create the most unique of experiences, and your guests will be left impressed forever. You’ll be the talk for months to come! And of course never forget to have a photographer to document your wedding, because you’ll want to remember it forever!