This is no secret to anyone: kids can be difficult to deal with. They’re unruly, full of energy, and just can’t seem to stay still for five minutes! But they’re just so darn cute!! And lucky for you, there are ways to make them comply at a photoshoot while they’re having fun. And if they’re having fun, the photos will look amazing! Just follow these easy tips for kids during a photoshoot, and your kids will have a great time! Trust me, you’ll want to read these.

1: Don’t strike a pose

I know it’s very tempting to have your kid in that very adorable pose you saw the other day, but that doesn’t go well very often. Your kids will want to play and express themselves, so you should let them! When you’re going to take pictures, just allow them to do what they want. Part of the beauty in these pictures is seeing your kids being themselves, laughing and having fun like only they can. Maybe your son likes to play in the sand, while your daughter sits by the sea and watches the waves go by. Both of these make beautiful pictures, so don’t limit them! Within reason, of course.

2: Keep it short

Although they might be having a blast for a while, they’ll eventually grow tired of the photoshoot. Even at one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. If an unruly, energetic kid is bad, just imagine what a pouty and tired kid will be like! Uncooperative, sits on the ground, wants to take a nap… I’m sure you know it all too well. And at a family photoshoot, that’s a recipe for disaster. Schedule your kids something fun to do after the photoshoot takes place and don’t make the photoshoot longer than two hours. A single hour of photos is enough to get several wonderful photos, so try not to overwhelm them too much!

3: Have fun!

If it looks like work, kids won’t want to do it. There’s no way you’re going to make your child keep a smile while doing something they hate. Make up some games and competitions for your kids to engage in while taking the photos and you’ll see the difference! Maybe make it a race to see who takes the most pictures, or reward them with a treat after the photoshoot is done. They should have a reason to be engaged in the activity, not slog through it until it’s over! Not only will this keep your kids busy, but it’ll also produce more smiling pictures!

4: Don’t stop moving

It’s unrealistic to expect a kid to stay still for a long time, believe me. They’ll find a way to move, even if you’re watching them constantly. So don’t repress it, incorporate it! This ties in with the previous advice, but you should allow them to run around and use their energy to your advantage. Playing with a ball, dancing, it doesn’t matter; just let kids be kids!

5: Let them show you

It’s as easy as that! Let your kids show you something they love, like a trick they learned or a toy they really like. Encourage them to participate and feel special, because nothing brings a smile to their face more than being appreciated for who they are. Once you get them started, they won’t want to stop! By the end of the session you’re going to have the most wonderful, genuine pictures you could’ve ever wanted.

So there you have it! 5 tips for kids during a photoshoot. The key to success when it comes to kids is very simple parenting tricks that work wonders! Just let them be themselves, they’ll make the experience easier on you. These moments are the most wonderful parts of parenthood, so be sure to have the best photographs to remember them by! When you come to Punta Cana you’ll definitely want to have several pictures by the beach. They’re beautiful!