When it comes to wedding venues in Punta Cana, the options are limitless! It’s impossible to determine how much time you can spend thinking about your wedding venue. It’s one of the biggest decisions you make during the planning process. And it can make or break any wedding day!

Everyone has gone to at least one wedding that felt “off”. In retrospect, it was probably because of the location they chose to get married. I won’t let that happen to you!

We’re gonna look at several different wedding venues in Punta Cana that might just be the one for you! Take a look and decide for yourself.

Hard Rock Hotel

You probably remember this one! It’s not only a wonderful place to stay or have a nice and romantic meal, but it’s also a beautiful and elegant wedding venue! Yes, sometimes it really is that good.

The Hard Rock experience is all-inclusive, and you won’t miss any luxuries while you’re there. Pools, lounges, exclusive bars, and restaurants… You name it, they’ll have it!

Are you a music lover or are you marrying one? This could be the best place to start your happily ever after, then! Make it intimate, make it big, or make it unique, but most importantly: make it yours.

You’ll find it by the sugary sweet sands of Macao Beach, and you can enjoy a beautiful view and the waves as well!

Jellyfish Restaurant

Feeling a little more tropical than usual? Then give Jellyfish a try! It’s one of my favorite wedding venues in Punta Cana! I feature it heavily on the blog, but for very good reason. It combines the commodities of modern life with a more robust, welcoming ambiance. You can’t find this anywhere other than in Punta Cana!

Being a restaurant, of course, you’ll be bombarded with the best food you could ask for. But hey, you decided to come to Punta Cana to have your wedding on the beach, right? Well, you can have your wedding cake and eat it too!

Jellyfish is right by the seaside, allowing you to have the best of both worlds without any issues. Who says you can’t have it all? You’ll find Bavaro Beach very close to you, and you know what that means!

wedding venues in punta cana
Photo by: http://www.jellyfishrestaurant.com/

Excellence Punta Cana

Maybe when you were thinking of a tropical paradise, you were looking for something more authentic, robust. You’re trying to break away from the monotony of daily life with an adventure, yet relax at the end of the day.

And maybe, Uvero Alto is the beach that you like the most. If that sounds anything like you, then Excellence Punta Cana will be your spot! You’re never going to run out of luxuries to enjoy while you’re there, and you’ll feel as though you’ve entered a whole new world.

For those who wanted a private and secluded venue, this colonial-style resort has everything! A wonderful place where you’ll be treated like royalty, and if you really want to feel the Punta Cana experience, this is an option worth exploring.

Westin Puntacana Resort

You know what? There’s nothing wrong with comfort and relaxation either. Just a few minutes away from the airport, Westin Puntacana Resort offers only the best of the best in terms of services with its polished halls and even more stunning rooms. You won’t want to leave once you arrive!

You’ll be greeted by the perfect fusion between hotels and tropical wonder. Let the staff handle everything at your wedding and it’ll run smoothly from start to finish! They’re all really friendly, and you won’t regret your choice even for a second.

Much like the others, you’ll find it near one of Punta Cana’s excellent beaches, and this time it’s the aptly named Playa Blanca! This means “white beach”, and with the amazing white sand, you’ll understand why that name makes perfect sense.

Photo by: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pujwi-the-westin-puntacana-resort-and-club/

Did anything catch your fancy? These are only some of the best wedding venues in Punta Cana you can choose from, but they’re all equally as stunning as the others!

Don’t forget to capture the moment with a photographer, because days come and go, but wedding days only happen once. Besides, if you chose such a beautiful and wonderful wedding venue, wouldn’t you want to capture the moment?

Give it a go, and your special day will be remembered for years to come!