A new hotel is coming to Punta Cana! And it’s going to be a big one! The US chain, Wynn Hotels & Resorts, is set to purchase 12 hectares of land on the Coral Highway in the Dominican Republic. Although the exact location hasn’t been disclosed yet, the hotel is going to be somewhere in the Punta Cana region.

Wynn Hotels & Resorts is an independent company that has 22 five-star hotels, spas, and restaurants on Forbes’ Travel Guide. Wynn Las Vegas is a luxury hotel centered around fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. They hope to bring this same experience to Punta Cana through their brand new mega-hotel project.

The company will invest over $6.0 billion dollars in Punta Cana over the course of six years. Their project will be split into three stages and will include a new hotel with 9,000 rooms and 16 casinos. It will be the biggest hotel in Punta Cana!

They are set to begin construction at the end of 2020 (although this may be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic). It’s a huge project so it will take quite a while, but the hotel and casinos are sure to be beautiful when everything is done!

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