You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and you see all your friends posting many wonderful, vibrant pictures from all their vacation trips. How do they do that?! No matter how much you try to take those selfies under the sun when the light is just right, and you’re wearing your most bedazzling outfit, it just doesn’t click. Well, no more of that! Today you’ll learn how to make the most beautiful, colorful pictures that your friends and family will be dying to imitate!

1: Use contrasting colors

One of the most effective ways to get those colors to pop up is to use tones that contrast each other! Think of blue and yellow, so vastly different yet so complementary to one another. Wear outfits that include colors that contrast wildly, always in good taste of course, but not too much! You don’t want to look like a carnival scene either! Keep it simple, limit yourself to two or three colors at most, and you’ll have the right combination for your photoshoot! If you’re having a group session, color-code your friends and family’s outfits!

2: Go early to get colorful pictures

Chances are your photoshoot is at the beach. Ah, got you! But there’s no shame in that, of course. It’s a wonderful location for almost any occasion. And if you are going to the beach, you should definitely go between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM for bright, colorful pictures. Although it might seem like too much trouble, it’s when the sun shines brightest and gives your clothes that special look you’re after! Earlier or later will have different hues mixed in, like orange and yellow, which can dull the colors you wanted to showcase. This applies everywhere, but it’s essential for beach photoshoots!

3: Try simple compositions

It might be tempting to have everyone at once, to do many different things in your pictures, or to include everything all the time. It’s fun! We all do it, it’s fine! But for your colors to pop out, you need to stick to simple scenery and framing. Try a close-up shot, or emphasize your clothes instead, but keep it simple. You don’t want to overload your pictures!

4: Use light and shadow to get colorful pictures

Your best friends in photography will always be light and shadow. The use of light is obvious, but don’t be so quick to disregard shadows just because they obscure your view! That’s exactly what you need them for. If you want to emphasize a certain color or shape, try to keep the others hidden with shadows like umbrellas or simply, the natural scenery! This will spice up the picture while keeping it simple, efficient, and full of color.

5: Neutral background, sharp colors

Imagine the following: you laying down on the sand wearing a deep blue dress, surrounded by nothing but the sugary sweet sand of Macao Beach. Doesn’t that mental image alone sell you this idea? Select a neutral, solid background and a deep and vibrant color to stand out, and you’ll make a strong impression! Couple that with the perfect sun hours, and you’ve got yourself a perfect picture!

6: Maybe a little editing…

Everyone does it, come on! Having your pictures edited by a professional won’t make your composition any less stunning and breathtaking, nor will your effort go in vain! Sometimes all your picture needs is a little glow-up from a professional editor to give it the splash of color you want. And it’ll be gorgeous, I promise! It can be as little as applying a filter, and as much as some color correction. What’s so bad about that? Every magazine does it, so why wouldn’t you?

And those are some easy ways to make your pictures the best they can! These are tips that professionals employ to enhance their photos, so you know you’ll be doing it like the best around. Your photographer will probably know a trick or two as well, though, so make sure to listen to them! Photography isn’t an exact science, and the best pictures are taken in the heat of the moment anyway. Try this for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed!