Is there anything lovelier than a beach wedding? They’re so beautiful, refreshing, and charming! It’s hard to beat that! When you see all those pictures with gorgeous, happy couples and their many guests, don’t you want to be just like them? Well, getting there is easier than it might seem. So put your pants on and let’s go! Here is your guide to dressing for a beach wedding.

1: Avoid heavy clothing when dressing for a beach wedding

This should be obvious on its own, but it’s worth a reminder. When you’re dressing for a beach wedding, remember: You’ll be at the beach, with tropical weather that might go up to 85°F, and you certainly don’t want to be caught with several layers of fabric. You should wear something nice, airy, and natural! The fabric will breathe, cooling you off and making the weather easier to endure. It’s a wedding, so you definitely don’t want to be sweaty!

2: Try some bright colors

When you think of the beach, you think of the sun shining on you and the clear, blue water in the distance making your day brighter and happier. So work with it! You’ll be surrounded by a lot of light, vibrant colors, and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb if you go in all black. You should stay true to yourself, of course! But if you want to harmonize with your surroundings, you might want to reconsider the colors you’ll be wearing! Besides, light colors look so much better in beach pictures!

3: Light colors are your best friend

This is a bit of a combination of the previous two points, but hear me out. Although you’re going to be surrounded by a lot of sand that could potentially ruin it, light-colored clothing will not only be stunning and dazzling, it’ll keep you cool! Darker colors have a tendency to absorb heat much faster, which will turn uncomfortable real quick. As long as the bride doesn’t have a problem with it, the groom and guests can consider getting white jackets for the ceremony. Just in case!

4: This isn’t the red carpet

And you shouldn’t dress like it! Although the wedding ceremony can be very formal, the beach is a fun place where you go to relax. So come on, relax a little! Wear something a bit more casual, like some flower patterns or untucked shirts. Yes, it’s allowed! You should consult with your hosts beforehand, but if you have no confirmation, it’s still safe to assume you’ll be wearing something more casual. I mean, on top of looking great, it’s lighter by default, so can they really blame you?

5: Dresses, dresses everywhere!

Honestly, half the reason you want to go to the beach is to wear a sundress. Come on, you know you want to! Even if you’re the bride, there’s no shame in wearing a stylish sundress for the ceremony. It’s very cute, very refreshing, and will go perfectly no matter what! But wearing something longer and more stylish is always a good idea as well. So long as you’re not choosing a cocktail dress or an extremely short miniskirt, you’ll have complete freedom over what you wear! Just make sure you don’t mind it getting a bit sandy.

6:  Accessorize when dressing for a beach wedding

Flashy is good. Trust me, flashy is so good! The brighter your accessories are, the better. Flowers, patterns, jewelry – take your pick! This is the perfect opportunity to show off that crazy tie you bought on a whim or those gigantic earrings that you can’t wait to debut. Is there any other chance to do it, anyway? No! So go wild and don’t look back!

7: Blue, the sea and the sky

If you wanted a more concrete idea of what to wear, blue is excellent for the beach! It doesn’t stand out too much because it’s one of the primordial colors of the beach, but it still contrasts very well with the sand and the decorations! It’s very hard to go wrong with a shade of blue, so pick your favorite and rock it until the end. For Punta Cana’s beaches in particular, a green hue or even turquoise are great, because the water has that color specifically!

8: Cream, the sugary color

Or maybe you chose to focus on the sand, which is perfectly valid as well! If there’s one thing about Punta Cana’s beaches that will always be true, it’s the sugary white sands at your feet. Tan colors, or any creamy white that you find, will look amazing at a Punta Cana wedding. Even the bride can be a bit unorthodox and indulge in a little beige! Who’s going to stop you anyway?

9: Avoid the shorts when dressing for a beach wedding

And I mean absolutely none! There should never be any shorts at a formal event, let alone a wedding. Do yourself a favor and don’t even consider this, because you’ll regret that decision just a few weeks after the ceremony. Pictures will immortalize your choice, and there’s no coming back from shorts! It’s very inappropriate and disrespectful to your hosts, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Similarly, very short skirts are banned from wedding ground. None, zero! It might be refreshing but it isn’t right!

And that’s all you should know about wedding attire! It’s very easy and intuitive, and I don’t doubt you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you want to wear when you’re done reading this. In the end it’s your style, your choice, but keep these tips in mind and you’ll make quite an impact! What’s more, you’ll look stunning in your pictures, and you can brag about it forever!