The weather can be a real pain. Either it’s too hot and you can’t enjoy your vacation, or the water’s too cold and you won’t want to go to the beach! And trust me, you want to go to Punta Cana’s beaches. What to do? Well, you should try to book your vacation to Punta Cana around the best possible time. I’ll explain the best times to enjoy our island and why! So keep reading!

First and foremost: rainy season!

Unlike other parts of the world, Punta Cana doesn’t have the traditional four seasons you’re used to. Instead, it has a dry season and a rainy season. You will probably want to avoid the rainy months, because not only are you likely to get wet (and not at the beach!), the air is going to be more humid and hot. If you want to enjoy sunny days and no undesirable rainfall, you’ll want to visit between December and April! Any sooner or later and you might just catch some grey skies. Planning a photoshoot? Check out What happens when it’s cloudy on a photoshoot.

And then, the temperature rises!

As mentioned before, the rainier part of the year is going to be the hottest. Temperatures from December to April will be around 81 to 83°F, but it’ll spike up to 85 and could even reach 88 on a really warm day! You can, of course, try to visit outside of these months, but be advised that it’ll be much hotter than you anticipate!

But I wanted to vacation to Punta Cana in June!

Well, not all hope is lost for those who want to enjoy their summer break! By far the hottest months of the year are August and September, with June and July looking milder by comparison. July is still your best option if you want to plan your vacation to Punta Cana in the summer. The temperatures will go up to 86°F, while precipitation is much lower than in June or August. October is your worst option so far, with the highest precipitation and one of the highest temperatures on average!

But does it rain all day?

Absolutely not. Even if it’s cloudy it will rarely rain all day! The weather has a tendency to be dry! Don’t worry too much if your morning at the beach was spoiled by a little water, you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy the bright sun and its warmth. Just wait it out… it’ll go away soon!

And the hurricanes?

They are a little bit more complicated. Hurricane season happens from June to November, but it isn’t until September that the likelihood of one striking increases. Things start to calm down around December, which is why it’s still your best window to visit the island! It’s not advisable to visit in June or July, so it doesn’t hurt to keep weather updates at hand if you plan to go then.

When should you plan your vacation to Punta Cana?

All in all, it’s safe to visit for the entire year, but you’re better off waiting until the weather has calmed down for you to experience Punta Cana to the fullest. The fewer things to worry about the better, right? Make some space for your Christmas holidays, treat yourself with a special gift, and come enjoy our wonderful island!

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