Engagement photos are one way to tell the world that you two are ready to tie the knot and to celebrate your wonderful union! More importantly, it’s an opportunity to meet your photographer before the big day, making you more comfortable around one another. You’re gonna spend hours upon hours working with them, so you might as well start your relationship with some great material! This post will give you four tips and ideas to make your photoshoot unique, beautiful, and as you as possible.

Tip #1: Choose a location you’re comfortable with for your engagement photos

You should think of engagement photos as “practice” for the actual wedding, so you should stay a bit within your comfort zone. Try to select a place that you two love and enjoy. If you have fond memories of the beach, that would be a great place to start! Maybe you like mountains instead! It doesn’t really matter, but it should be a relaxing experience for you. You can start the big adventures later!

Idea #1: A special place for you!

This can be anywhere from the place you two met to where you had your first kiss. It could be anywhere! As long as it holds special meaning for you, it can be good to revisit those memories with your partner. Stare longingly at each other as you reminisce about your first vacation together, or that first date where they swept you off your feet!

Tip #2: Wear weather-appropriate clothes

 Although fashion is very important and more so when you’re going to take pictures, perhaps you should consider wearing something that won’t give you a heatstroke. If you’re at the beach, try to go barefoot and use light clothing. When you’re surrounded by snow however, it doesn’t matter how much you love that sundress, you’re going to freeze! Besides, it’s going to give your photos an odd feeling, and that’s the opposite of what you want.

Idea #2: Let’s go to the beach for your engagement photos!

If you’re here you’re probably considering going to Punta Cana. And you absolutely should! Which is why going to the beach is more than recommended. (Check out some of our favorite beaches here!) Everyone loves to play around in the sand every once in a while, right? Since this is your engagement photoshoot there’s a lot more room for creativity, too. Why don’t you take your photos by the sea, lying down on the sand? Even better, you could take a swim! There are so many things to do at the beach that will produce wonderful pictures, it’d be a crime not to consider this idea.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to be yourself

When you’re in the middle of planning your wedding, it can sometimes feel like this day is less about you and more about everyone else. Remember that it’s your wedding, your special time to celebrate your union, so don’t let other take this away from you! Do something fun and exciting for you both, something true to yourself. Don’t be discouraged by public opinion, because in the end it’s just you two!

Idea #3: Have a drink!

You know what? This day is for you, so you deserve to relax as well. And your photoshoot might just reflect this! Pay a visit to your bar of choice and order a few drinks to accompany your pictures. Don’t get too drunk, of course! You’ll want to be sober enough to stare directly into your partner’s eyes for that magical shot, and, well, to savor the moment.

Tip #4: Don’t take your engagement photos too seriously

Your engagement photoshoot isn’t the end of the line. You should try to befriend and learn how to work with your photographer most of all. Mess around a little with ideas and poses! When the time comes for the real deal, you’ll know you can count on them.

Idea #4: Beauty in the mundane!

It’s always possible to find beauty in everyday life. Perhaps you should capture a moment of your life that is common, simple, and normal to you! Like your morning routine, or a place that you visit daily. It’ll represent the way you’ll live the rest of your lives together, finding beauty in each other and your life!

And there you go! These were some quick, but hopefully useful tips that might save your engagement photoshoot from dreaded monotony. But who’s to say you can’t find more ideas on your own? Keep exploring possibilities until you find your perfect match! You’ll want to remember these moments your whole life.