First of all, congratulations on your engagement! It’s an important step in your relationship, and planning the wedding is such an exciting time. Yes, it’s a little stressful, but you should also enjoy the process. Naturally, you’ll want to show off and tell the world about your engagement in the best way possible! Share some beautiful, fun pictures with everyone you know to truly let your love shine. Engagements are exciting, so you have the right to brag a little! Here are some ideas for your engagement photoshoot to make sure your photos turn out amazing!

Wear something that means a lot to you

Good old memories! Engagements are the culmination of years of your relationship, where everything comes together in preparation for a big ceremony. Remember all those important moments by wearing something you’ve had for a while, or that carries some emotion behind it! The shirt you wore when you met, the dress he bought for you, a piece of jewelry he gave you… Anything’s acceptable, and it’ll look amazing on you anyway. Nothing like a throwback!

Bring props to your engagement photoshoot

People often shy away from props, but honestly, they’re the difference between a normal and a memorable photoshoot. They’re flamboyant and take up a lot of space, so all eyes will be on you when you bring them to the party! This is one of my favorite ideas for your engagement photoshoot because you get to make it completely unique! A very big sunhat, for example, can give your already tropical photoshoot a more fun, interesting twist! Using a rowboat by the beach is another idea, where you two can play and pose as much as you want. A beach ball, some coconuts, maybe an anchor! Get creative here! The sky’s the limit.

Go to Altos de Chavon

Did you know we have a beautiful Mediterranean village in the Dominican Republic? Yeah, it’s not what you’d usually see in a tropical paradise, but it goes to show just how diverse this country is! Altos de Chavon is a very popular location for photo sessions, and for good reason: it’s one of a kind. When you walk around the village you’ll be transported to another world, and the cobblestone streets are just the beginning!

There are plenty of buildings that could serve as a backdrop for your photoshoot, and it’s hard to just choose one! But you will find a chapel there as well, and if that isn’t fitting I don’t know what is. Besides, you can also get married in that same chapel if you want!

Have a surprise photoshoot

Who doesn’t like surprises? If your significant other is the kind of person who loves to be impressed, this might be for you. It does require a little secrecy, but it’s worth the look on their face! If you’re not engaged yet, but you’re wanting to propose, then this is one of those perfect ideas for your engagement photoshoot. Capture their genuine smile, the look of surprise on their face, and remember this day fondly, even after the wedding is done. You might need a little help setting this up, so check out this article that will tell you all about it!

Play a little rough!

I mean, you’re by the beach, so why not? Chances are that if you’re on vacation here, your photo session will be by the beach. That’s perfectly fine! Why change a classic? But now that you’re there, might as well go a little wild. Go for a swim in the ocean and take pictures there, or lie in the sand and draw something! Make castles if that’s your thing, or bury each other under the sand. Whatever you two decide to do is perfect and you shouldn’t police it too much, just go with the flow! You’ll know what to do.

So, are you impressed yet? These ideas will make your photoshoot not only memorable but very fun to do! It’s easier and more rewarding to look at pictures that you took while having fun. Those days will be much sweeter. Besides, you have plenty of reasons to celebrate, so don’t hold back on the silly fun! It’s your time to shine!