So you’re having a photoshoot in Punta Cana. That’s great! I don’t think I need to talk once again about the many great things a photoshoot does for you, but it’s never bad to remind you that you’ll treasure the pictures you take! For that reason, you must make sure your photos are perfect in every possible way, and that includes your location. Do you want to see some beautiful landscapes and architecture? Then this is your answer! Here I’ll tell you the absolute best locations for a photoshoot in Punta Cana. I’ll also try to offer some clothing recommendations, but I already have a full article that you can check out for more information!

Macao Beach

Little else compares to Macao Beach when it comes to scenography. Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s real and affordable! Almost every beach in Punta Cana is a wonder on its own, with perfect sand and the deepest, most vibrant water you’ll ever see in a lifetime! So rich are the colors that you might have a hard time seeing it a first, but the cliffs coming from the side really solidify the identity of this location. It’s dreamy, sunny, and fun to be in! Your family will love it, your pictures will be excellent, and your background won’t ever be boring! It’s a safe option to pick if you’re indecisive or if you like the tropical paradise look.

I’d recommend sticking with the usual colors for this one. Wear blue, cream, and turquoise tones for these pictures. You’ll blend in with the beach, making the pictures look more natural!

Lava Cama Beach

Have you heard of it? Likely not, and that’s fine. It’s one of Punta Cana’s hidden gems and you’re not likely to find it on many tours or websites, but I think it deserves a little more credit! Lava Cama is the kind of place you go to when you’re trying to unwind. This can make for a very peaceful, relaxing time which is why it’s on my list of the best locations for a photoshoot. No need to worry about other people, it’ll just be you and your loved ones enjoying your day! Unlike other beaches in Punta Cana, and probably the reason it isn’t as popular, this one doesn’t have the white beach sand you’d expect from our island. That’s not bad though! It looks more down-to-earth, refreshing, and homelike. The water is a deeper, darker shade of blue, making it all look serene and calming.

The same basic colors are recommended here, but you can opt for something dark green as well to play with the ocean colors! Try to stay away from light shades, because you’ll stand out too much. Go for the serene look.

Altos de Chavon

Oh, what more is there to say about Altos de Chavon? It’s perfect, no matter what you’re trying to do there. Are you on a date with your partner? It’s romantic and quaint, so exploring it would be a nice activity for you two! Did you want an amazing location for your wedding? They have a church where you can have yours! Or were you looking for a great, different location to spice up your photoshoot? Yup, it’s got you covered. Let the cobblestone streets add to the charm!

This one is a bit easier because it has many elements to play with. You can go with neutral but bright tones to stand out, or choose something colorful to make it interesting. No matter what you choose it’ll be wonderful, but don’t go too crazy! Be true to yourself.

Hoyo Azul

Ever seen it? Well, before you have your photoshoot you have to see it. Seriously! It’s so blue, it doesn’t even look real! But I assure you that it’s very real, very natural, and very beautiful. It’s a magical place where the wonders of nature mix together to create a dreamy yet rocky location. The crystalline waters let you see the bottom of the pond, which only adds to the rough beauty of the spot! Take a dive, float on the water, or maybe stand next to it; doesn’t matter! Just be ready to receive many questions asking if the water is really like that. The answer is yes, by the way!

Go crazy with colors and clothes here. Everything is fair game! The only problem is that it doesn’t make a good location for serious photoshoots such as a wedding or engagement, but it’s still fun to mess around otherwise!

And those are my favorite four locations for a photoshoot. I really hope you liked them as much as I do, and I could talk about them for hours! I won’t keep you waiting much longer though. The choice is yours, but no matter what it is, you’ll end up loving it! That’s part of Punta Cana’s charm.