Family photoshoots are adorable and there’s nothing like looking back on the pictures you took with your kids during your vacation in Punta Cana. Their smiles could brighten your day no matter what happens! But managing your kids during a photo session is famously difficult. As cute as they are, kids can be moody and unpredictable. This might make the session very difficult, but don’t worry! I’m here to give you 5 tips to have a successful photoshoot with your kids that will hopefully solve all your problems and get you dozens of memories!

1: Avoid posing during the photoshoot with your kids

One of the most magical things about kids is their innocence and excitement. When they smile with that glee, you can’t help but to feel your heart-melting! So don’t erase those precious moments by making them pose. It’s very uncomfortable and kids don’t like it, so they’ll get moody and tired very soon. Just let them do their thing. They can explore the surroundings, talk with family, or just play around a little. It’ll yield beautiful pictures that feel genuine and will be an amazing memory!

2: Let them have fun

Kids get bored really easily, and every parent knows this. One moment they’re playing in the sand, the next they’re chasing each other. This is normal and a part of growing up! A photoshoot can be a stressful environment for everyone, but more so for kids. They get tired of having pictures taken all the time, and they don’t really like strangers that much. Inevitably your kids will want to play, and that is totally fine! Letting them play reinforces the last tip, and they will be much happier by the end of the photo session. Maybe a little dirty, but come on, they’re kids!

3: Make the photosession with your kids short and sweet

Yes, I know you want to take many pictures, but it’s better for your child. Shorter sessions mean they can move on with their day much faster, and they will soon forget what happened. If your photoshoot happens in the morning rest assured they won’t even think about it by the end of the day. It ideally should last about an hour. Just don’t hold them hostage for much longer than that!

4: Do something fun after the family photoshoot

And make sure to tell them about it first! This will give them something to look forward to after the photoshoot is done, and lift up their spirits just a little more. Invite them for some ice cream or go to the beach right after. It doesn’t matter much what it is. Maybe do something they asked you about! Don’t fill up their day with boring tasks, it’s still a vacation! Your kid will be in a much better mood during the photo session, trust me.

5: Bring their siblings and cousins

As many as you can! The biggest problem kids have during a photoshoot is feeling uncomfortable, put on the spot. Having their families around does ease this issue a little, but kids of their age will solve it immediately. You’ll see them playing somewhere very quickly, and they might even be more excited to participate when they’re with company! They’ll be engaged and cooperative. They might not even remember they were taking pictures after a while! Besides, the more the merrier, right?

Final Thoughts on a successful photoshoot with your kids

There you have it! Those are my five pro tips to have a successful photoshoot with your kids. Very easy, but very effective! It takes no time to adjust to these, and you’ll see how they cooperate and even get excited about the pictures! What’s more, they will have very wide smiles on their face, perfect for that album you’re planning. Give them some freedom, make it fun, and it’ll be a world of difference!