Everyone’s running, everyone’s laughing, and everyone’s having fun. Vacations are amazing! More so when you’re in Punta Cana – the most beautiful tropical paradise you could ever see. It’s no wonder that you want to have a photoshoot here and show the world the magnificent sights and memories you’ve made. But maybe you don’t know where to start or how to plan a family photoshoot on the beach. After all, there’s so much to do! But here is a simple guide that will set you on the right track so you can go back to having fun!

Plan a family photoshoot: Decide where you’ll stay

Punta Cana is not an island or a city, but a region that has many different beaches. All of them are wonderful! But it’s not only beaches. You’ll also find dozens of resorts. Depending on which resort you stay at, you’ll have access to a different beach. So you need to know where you’ll be sleeping. Your resort also determines where your photoshoot can take place! It’s a difficult decision, but luckily for you, I have just the article for the situation. Bavaro, Uvero Alto, or Macao? Your choice!

Choose your background

Not every beach is built the same and this couldn’t be truer for Punta Cana! Although they’re all stunning and will leave you wanting more, no matter which one you decide to go for, you need to know what your choices are. Macao Beach is an impressive, long beach where palm trees decorate the coast, and imposing cliffs can be seen to the side. Bavaro Beach, on the other hand, has the deepest turquoise water you could ever ask for. On the other hand, Uvero Alto is relaxing and calming. But what if you want something more original? Well, that’s where Altos de Chavon comes into play! A small villa with a quaint and charming Mediterranean style where your family can go to take unique pictures that will impress everyone, including yourself!

Pack the essentials when you plan a family photoshoot

Not just the swimsuit and sunglasses. No, you need the right kind of clothing as well! You’ll be in very hot weather for a few days, so this means you’ll need fresh clothes that don’t suffocate you. Shorts, light fabric, anything you have will do! Sunhats are wonderful too. And stylish, just don’t take those sweaters. And we’re not done yet: you’ll need a lot of sunscreen and moisturizer, because you’ll be very exposed and will need to be careful. Punta Cana is sunny and beautiful, but it’s easy to burn your skin. Pack enough for everyone in the family, or else you risk a nasty sunburn! Check out our packing tips here.

Plan a family photoshoot with the kids

You want to bring the kids along right? So don’t forget to get them prepared. Emotionally and physically. A photoshoot might not be the most pleasant experience for them because they don’t know what it’s really about. They might be cranky and moody before and after. Or even during. They’re surrounded by the beach but they can’t go in the water? That’s upsetting! Explain to them what you’ll be doing, and promise to do something fun after the shooting. Ice cream and other treats do wonders to improve their disposition too! Check out these tips for how to prepare for a photoshoot with kids.

Let the kids have a little fun

Because, after all, a photoshoot is supposed to be fun! Your kids shouldn’t be forced to stay in poses they don’t like with clothes that make them uncomfortable. Your pictures won’t be anywhere near as good as they could. Kids like to play, mess around, and just generally do their thing – so let them! As long as they’re not doing something bad, keeping them engaged and active will give you passionate, loving, sincere smiles that will last for ages. Besides, it’ll be an experience they won’t want to forget.

And of course, hire your photographer!

But not just any photographer… try to look at their work and see if it suits your needs. Every professional will have many pictures to help you judge their work, so choose whoever you’re most comfortable with!

It really is that simple! At least now you have a very solid idea of what you should do, so the rest of the process to plan a family photoshoot will be very easy. It’ll come naturally to you! Bring your spouse, your kids, and any other family members you want included – they’re all welcome here. Build memories, have fun, and don’t forget to smile!