Are you trying to plan your destination wedding, but the idea sounds way too overwhelming? Are you really excited about visiting that beach you loved, or that venue that you can’t stop fantasizing about, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, it’s a lot to take in in one go.

These things can be so messy! That’s why you have to take it slowly and calmly. Go step by step. And that’s exactly what I’ll teach you how to do today. These first few steps will set you on the right track to plan your destination wedding so you won’t have an excuse not to come to Punta Cana!

1: Choose the location

Of course, it should be Punta Cana. No questions asked! But more importantly, you have to choose the venue where you want to get married. This is the first step towards building your budget, which is essential when planning any kind of wedding, but more so because you’re going to take additional costs into account in the future.

I recommend picking a destination that combines the features that you want and allows you to save money. Consider your options, because you have plenty to choose from.

2: Set your date

This will also be important for budgeting! Flights have very different prices depending on when you’re coming from. And we all know you’ll want to have the best deal possible. For that reason, you should consider coming between December and April, which is when they’re cheaper.

If you’re looking to have the best deal, February is the month you’re aiming for. But of course, you should always work with your guests to know when is the best time for everyone.

3: Save the dates

Going abroad for a wedding usually takes a week or more of vacation time. It’s not as easy on your schedule as a traditional wedding that lasts only one day. So you have to prepare well in advance. Make sure nothing will get in the way of your travel plans!

That’s why we recommend sending out your Save the Dates early. At least ten months before the actual wedding day would be ideal. Or even a year before. Because not only are your guests going to need to schedule their time off, they’re going to have to save up as well!

4: Plan a place to sleep

We’re still working on that budget. No, this part isn’t done yet! You need to know where you’re going to stay, and that should be relatively easy if you’re following this article. The resort where you’re staying should be close to the venue you choose because the last thing you want is people arriving late for the ceremony. Unheard of!

So, you need to look for a resort that accommodates your group during the specified time. If possible, try to find one that offers a discount for your group. Your guests will thank you for that!

5: Have an insider

You’re going to a new place that you don’t know much about so you’ll need a local who can guide you in your wedding planning efforts. Just like a vacation in Punta Cana, it isn’t the same without the locals.

An insider will give you some tips and tricks unique to the island and your situation, allowing you to save money and time! Luckily for you, I know just where to find such a contact. It’s all right here. You’ll thank me later!

6: Hire a photographer

Which should be very easy for you! Photographs are one of the most important aspects of your wedding, and you should never be caught without a professional photographer ready to take every important picture for you to remember. Never let go of your memories with these!

7: Come visit beforehand

I’m not saying this just because I love Punta Cana – but you have to come here first. You have to make sure this is the location you want, right? So what better way than to explore it on your own? You can check out the venue, its surrounding areas, and any other details you want to discuss.

In fact, you could even have a photoshoot here to show your friends and family how amazing the location is. What’s more, this is a perfect opportunity to start meeting local vendors. Oh, why local you ask?

8: Source local materials

Because you should use what’s readily available to you! Punta Cana is a tropical island, a paradise, and you’ll want to enjoy our fauna and flora to its fullest. As such, you might want to use local materials instead of outsourcing them, because not only will you save money this way, it’ll make your wedding more authentic and memorable for your guests.

Try to serve a local specialty as well! You don’t have to hire a chef from half a world apart to cook for you, just try some seafood. It’s good, I promise!

9: Check the requisites

If marrying someone were an easy affair, many more people would do it on a daily basis. However, our reality is different, and we have to take care of a few little errands before our happily ever after takes place. No worries, of course, these things are easily to sort out and will take no longer than a few days. But it’s worth keeping in mind.

Such requisites include birth certificates, a photocopy of your passports, and staying at the island for at least three days. I highly recommend you look them up on your own!

10: Use weather-appropriate clothing

And this goes for wedding dresses too: never come to Punta Cana with heavy clothing. You’ll regret it the moment the sun hits you and the heat overcomes you. Also, try to avoid dark colors, because it’ll heat up much faster. Fabrics that breathe, shorter cuts, and loose clothing are preferred for this climate.

If your wedding is indoors and you’ll be provided with air conditioning you should skip this part, but a beach wedding will not be so pleasant if you’re drenched in sweat!

Final thoughts on how to plan your destination wedding

It might seem a bit daunting at first, but it gets easier as time goes on! The more you get involved in the process you’ll find new steps to take that are right for you and your partner. In the end these are just a few tips that’ll put you on the right path. It’s not the whole story!

Some of the fun of weddings comes from this part of the process. I hope this article helped you finally decide to plan your destination wedding because Punta Cana is waiting for you! You’ll leave the island with the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, and you’ll always look back on this date with fondness. What’s not to like?