Are you having trouble deciding on whether a couple’s photoshoot is a good idea or not? Does it seem cheesy to you? Well, maybe it is, but there are good reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot that outweigh a little bit of awkwardness! And there are just so many reasons, it’s going to be hard to list them all. I’ll still try though! I hope this comprehensive list seals the deal for you.

We all know that couple who can’t stop gushing about how in love they are. They’re always posting photos together. And they always look amazing! Chances are, you two are that couple. And good for you! There’s nothing wrong with showing the world how much you love each other, being excited, and documenting it. In fact, I’d argue every couple could be a little bit more like that. Why, you ask? Well, that takes us to our first of many reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot.

Reason # 1 to have a couple’s photoshoot: Spend some quality time together

And boy, are they a lot of quality time indeed. As a couple, it’s to be expected that you two spend a lot of time doing many things, but how often do you have completely uninterrupted time with your significant other where you can try to look cute and have fun? Life is busy and messy, and things don’t always go our way. Break the monotony by having a lovely, adorable session and make up for all that time lost stressing out about life!

A normal session lasts anywhere from one to three hours, but this doesn’t mean the photoshoot is the only thing you’ll be doing. Consider it more like the base of a little escapade for you two – you can have a walk before the session, or maybe a picnic, and go out for dinner after it’s done! Maybe go to the movies afterward, or have some ice cream. It’s time for you two and just you two!

Reason #2: Practice for your engagement or wedding photoshoot

Unless you’re a model, posing in front of a camera is both nerve-wracking and awkward. And even professional models can struggle with it sometimes! What hopes are there for normal people? Well, that’s one of the best reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot. It can serve as practice for the bigger photoshoots coming up. Not to say every photoshoot should be seen this way, but if you’re planning to tie the knot, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the camera and get more comfortable posing with your partner. It’s also a team-building exercise, and you’ll find your own rhythm as the photoshoot develops!

More importantly, however, you’ll get to know your photographer and how they work. Remember, there’s someone behind that camera! Having someone stare at you two doing, well, anything, could be very stressful and intimidating. The last thing you want during your wedding is to be nervous and smiling awkwardly while someone you’ve never met is taking several pictures, telling you what to do and how to move. Honestly, you should talk to your photographer during your first session together. Photographers are used to working with people, and they’re very friendly! It might not be a friendship for the ages, but you’ll ease up around them and take better pictures with genuine smiles. The more sessions you have before the big day, the easier it’ll be to take amazing pictures.

Reason #3: It’s an opportunity to be creative and expressive

Sometimes you just want to do something sweet and romantic, you know? Tell the world that you love each other very much and post millions of pictures with those big, warm smiles. Expressiveness is important, and sometimes “because I want to” is a perfectly valid reason to do something! Celebrating special occasions with photoshoots is common and quite good, but do you really need a deeper reason? Scheduling a photoshoot is easy and inexpensive, so just give it a go. Photography is an art and you can express yourself through it! Yes, even as the model.

Have a photoshoot at one of your favorite spots, or at the first place you had your date; maybe go to the coffee shop where you met, or where you had your first kiss. Bring signs, special t-shirts, a new wardrobe – in fact, this could very well be your excuse to wear those expensive and fancy clothes you wouldn’t use otherwise. Treat yourself!

You can take photographs doing something you love, like cooking or doing some kind of sport. You can have a picnic with homemade food, or going back to the coffee shop idea, you could order something nice there. Really, there are so many things you can do that represent your relationship, it’s hard to choose just one! Be yourself unabashedly. Have fun!

Reason #4: Celebrate a special moment

Now, the exact opposite of the reason above – celebrate something specific. As our lives continue, we accomplish many things. The most obvious reasons to take photos are engagements, pregnancies, and obviously weddings. Still, other special events in your lives as a couple can warrant a celebratory photoshoot!

Maybe one of you is graduating from college, or you got an important raise at your job and you just can’t wait to do something big. Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day… And the list goes on! It’s not for everyone, but if you’re the kind of person that can’t get enough time on camera then this could be your next gift. Everyone loves a little attention every now and again.

But for couples, there are some other special and big events that absolutely and utterly deserve to be celebrated with a photoshoot. How can you pass up the chance?

Special occassions are one of the best reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot

Your big moments deserve to be remembered! And what better way to remember than to get special photographs of the two of you together. These are the big milestones you celebrate together. Let’s start here:


This should be pretty obvious, really. Anniversaries are important dates for every couple because they are celebrations of the relationship itself. They serve as a constant reminder of the commitment you both went through when you chose to stay together. More importantly, anniversaries signify the passage of time! And each time one of them comes, you can celebrate how your relationship is currently, and how things have changed over the years. The things you wear, where you work, what you like to do – it’s all changing constantly. So isn’t that one of those amazing reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot?

In a few years, you’ll look back on these pictures and remember “yeah, I used to wear a lot of pink back then”, or “this was before we had our first kid!”; moments like this come and go so quickly, and you’ll want something to remember them by.

Anniversary photoshoots are also passed down to the younger generations. Not because your kids will be particularly excited to see your photos, but because they are a registry of your relationship! Inevitably they’ll come across them, and it’s a nice gift to leave behind for them to remember you. They can see you evolve too, changing as much as your relationship did.

Quick reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot for your anniversary

  • Anniversary photoshoots are a testament of your change
  • They are annual records of major events
  • Extremely romantic
  • Can be used to recreate wedding pictures or renew vows
  • Will be passed down for generations

Wedding Photo Re-dos

On the other hand, these photoshoots can be used as a second chance for wedding photos. Not satisfied? There’s always another chance. Hop on to wedding avenue and take the pictures you always wanted, maybe this time including family and friends who couldn’t make it to the big day. Couple this with a vow renewal ceremony for extra sugary feel-good celebrations, and you have a double anniversary party!


Sounds a bit odd, but hear me out! Proposals are one of the most memorable moments in your life because they come and go in just about a few seconds. After the moment is done your emotions start to go back to normal, the rush of the question starts to fade, and it becomes an engagement. All of this is good and normal, but where is the photographic evidence? Proposals are magical and exciting, and you’ll surely want to capture those first few moments.

How would you do that? Well, inviting your partner to a proposal photoshoot defeats the purpose of the entire thing. Instead, you could plan a secret proposal photoshoot to ensure you get everything on the spot! Every emotion displayed there will be genuine, and the lovely romance will only serve to make the photos all the better!

Quick reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot while you propose

  • Capture the excitement moment on camera
  • Can be done as a surprise
  • Very fun to plan and to do


Engagements are equally as important as an anniversary, I’d say. Engagements are exciting times! It’s the promise, the wait, the new beginning! It’s when emotions are running the highest, and you’ll definitely want to get a photo or two during this period! It’s very fleeting and before you know it, the wedding is upon you. You should capture that glee and happiness before the nerves of your wedding overcome you because they’ll never come back with the same force. It’s this unique, once-in-a-lifetime feeling!

It’s also time to find out how the flow works. The photoshoot will serve as practice for many things: planning, teamwork, communication, and as mentioned earlier it’ll help you get comfortable in front of a camera.

If you haven’t announced your engagement yet, using one of the many gorgeous pictures from the photoshoot would be ideal. In fact, everything you do concerning the wedding can be decorated with these pictures! Invitations, some decorations, or even presentations during the big day will be great uses of these pictures! Besides, it’s one way to think of your wedding and celebrate it while wearing something other than your dress and suit. More casual, but still romantic!

Quick reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot for your engagement

  • Capture the fleeting excitement of engagements
  • Find out how you work together as a team
  • Get used to taking pictures
  • Perfect for a public announcement and other wedding activities
  • Another way to celebrate your union


Now, this might seem a bit counterintuitive, but it’s a good idea to have a photographer with you during the earliest stages of your honeymoon. Let’s face it, you were planning to take pictures anyway. Don’t deny it! Everyone back home is dying to see how your little escapade as newlyweds went, so might as well take someone who can deliver the best photos available. The camera quality will be excellent, giving you lasting memories and impressing your loved ones.

And speaking of memories, that’s another big reason too. Honeymoons are magical and special, and you’ll absolutely want to remember what happened during those few days. Some years from now you’ll look at these pictures and reminisce about the good old days.

Besides, it’s extremely convenient to have someone else take the pictures for you. You can live in the moment and enjoy the love and the passion without the added stress of having to take a selfie. Don’t stop for anyone and just have fun with your partner! Pictures will happen without you even knowing it.

Reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot during your honeymoon

  • Make memories for a lifetime
  • Perfect to show friends and family
  • Will take a load off your shoulders
  • Allows you to enjoy your vacation without stopping for a moment

These are the best reasons to have a couple’s photoshoot

A couple’s photoshoot is, at the very core, a celebration of love. Whenever you and your partner have a special moment, no matter what kind, it’s a good time to have a photoshoot. Remember these days, because they won’t last! Besides, you’re building a legacy to show not just relatives, but future generations to come. Your love will transcend time!

So long as your budget allows it, a photoshoot is a great addition. You’ll enjoy every second of the session! Bring some food, play some music, and let the magic happen. Just remember to make it special!