Love is in the air and you know it! There’s nothing more romantic than a couple’s photoshoot where you and your significant other announce to the world how much you care for one another. The longing, the passion, the sweet stares – it’s all so beautiful, you couldn’t possibly miss out on these pictures! However, there are certain tricks and ideas that might turn your photoshoot into something memorable. Check out these 7 fun ideas for a romantic couple’s photoshoot in Punta Cana!

Go on a date!

Everyone’s seen the same old photoshoots where you do the usual structured poses, but why don’t you make the photoshoot a date itself? Walk along Punta Cana’s shores holding your partner’s hand, leaning in on them, talking about everything that makes you happy. The photos will be sweet and romantic, capturing your love authentically! Simple little things like that can make a difference between a good photo and a great one. Try to keep the posing minimal, just enjoy each other’s company and let the relationship carry the flow for you! The photographer will be there to capture the romance between you.

Get a little wild and have fun

People seem to believe photoshoots are this formal event where you go to take very stiffly posed photos. This couldn’t be further from the truth! While your photographer will be a professional with years of experience, you can just let go and have a blast while you’re at it. Drop the stiff poses, and enjoy yourself! Play in the sand, run around the island, go for a swim! Don’t be restrained by your previous expectations. The photoshoot celebrates you two, and as such, you should be true to yourselves!

Include hearts in your romantic couple’s photoshoot!

Yes, I know, it’s a little bit cheesy, but everyone likes a little puppy love! An archway shaped like a heart, a heart pendant, or one huge heart drawn in the sand are only some of the many ways you can include this iconic shape in your photoshoot. It’s simple but very effective. And what other shape screams romance? Hearts are extremely adorable if you ask me, but that’s up for you to decide!

Longing stares – a staple of any romantic couple’s photoshoot

A close-up shot of you two staring into each other’s eyes makes for a beautiful sight and is full of all the hidden things only you two understand. Memories rush down as you gaze into your partner’s eyes, and all the emotions you feel in the moment are immortalized in that photograph. Isn’t that romantic? There’s a reason some things turn into clichés over time, though one hardly wonders why they do! A classic is a classic, after all.

Take your photoshoot by the sunset

Be it dawn or dusk, there’s a special kind of lightning coming from the sun around those hours. A golden shade that changes everything, and it’s especially beautiful around Punta Cana’s beaches. You can schedule your photoshoot around this time and enjoy all the glorious sunlight by the sea. It’ll almost be like a movie! It’ll bring out the best of both of you!

Get a change of scenery!

There’s no reason why you should only have one background! Pictures at the beach are wonderful and make for tropical collections, but what if you explored a little bit more? There are many wonderful sights you could use as a background. It takes a little exploring, but you will surely find something to marvel at in no time! A great example would be Altos de Chavon, which features many great buildings that can diversify your collection a great deal, but you can decide on your own which ones to use.

Show meaningful details at your romantic couple’s photoshoot

There’s no written rule about showing your face all the time! Little details like a close-up of you two holding hands, a hug from the distance, or a hug from behind are only some of the ways you have to spice things up. The details are, after all, some of the most important elements of a relationship!

And these are only some of the ways in which you can make things special! Props, colors, jewelry; there’s so much to cover! These ideas will get your engines running and you will surely come up with something by yourself. They’re just a baseline, not the only way things can be done. Take as much inspiration as you’d like!