Arriving at a new destination can be scary and confusing, more so when you don’t even know the language! You better know what to expect or else you’re going to get lost. (It’s very easy to do here.) And you don’t want to lose out on your precious vacation time. Not to worry! I will show you the basics of transportation in Punta Cana. I’ll give you a rundown of the things you should expect when you arrive, and how to move around once you get here. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll feel like you’re all ready to go. Just trust me!

transportation in punta cana

No visa required

Before you come here, you need to know that you don’t need a visa. So you can relax! It shouldn’t be a concern of yours! Everyone is allowed to come and stay for 90 days without a visa. Of course, when this period is done, you would be required to produce one, but for a short vacation, this shouldn’t be a problem! Plan ahead as much as you want, because you have three months to enjoy yourself here. If you want to know more things you should be aware of before coming here, check out 7 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Punta Cana!

The airport is easy to get through

And as you would expect, it’s very modern. Although probably smaller than you’d think, it’s still large enough to welcome you and your family! You’ll find every commodity you are used to seeing at any airport, and there won’t be a single spot that isn’t clean. It’s also easy to navigate, so don’t fear it! You’ll get out of there before you realize. Since this is the most touristic area, you’ll find people speaking English everywhere. No need for Spanish! If you’re thinking about exchanging money at the airport, don’t! Check out Which currency you should use on your trip to Punta Cana.

You can take the scenic route

If for some reason you want to visit Santo Domingo first, you won’t be disappointed by its airport either! Similarly, it’s going to be clean and modern, perfect for an easygoing visit. The only issue is that Spanish might be more common there, so a little basic knowledge is advised. If you travel from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana, it’ll take you about 2.5 hrs by car, which isn’t too bad if you want to save some costs on your flight! And the drive is beautiful, passing by all the sugarcane fields!

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Taxis are the best form of transportation in Punta Cana

Taxis are one of the easiest, better ways to travel around Punta Cana, though they might be on the pricey side. They can go anywhere between US$20 to US$80, and that’ll depend on the distance. It could even be more! Luckily for you, these rates are almost always fixed, meaning you can budget yourself around them. Getting from the airport to your hotel shouldn’t be an issue with one of these! Once you get to your hotel or resort, however, you can start looking for a car rental instead.

And speaking of car rentals

I’d recommend looking online for specific prices and options when it comes to renting a car. It isn’t the best idea for a first-time visitor who comes alone. Punta Cana is very big, and it’s very easy to get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. Streets aren’t properly marked, and Google Maps isn’t always accurate here. If you have someone to guide you, however, it can be a good way to save some money on taxis! Just make sure there’s someone accompanying you who knows where to go.

Buses are nice, though!

Apart from being cheap, these buses will take you to Punta Cana’s points of interest! The attendants are very nice and will be eager to help you out if you ask. What’s more, everyone will speak English with you while you’re here, so communication won’t be an issue! The problem, however, is that the buses have a specific route and won’t deviate from it, limiting the points where you can go. In case you’re looking for a specific location (like Jellyfish Restaurant, for example) a taxi might be a better idea.

And finally, your hotel

Or an all-inclusive resort, but that’s entirely up to you! Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to move around Punta Cana, it’s time to say goodbye to logistics and hello to relaxation. Most of these things will be taken care of by the time you reach your room, and from then on all you need to do is have fun and enjoy yourself! It only gets better!

transportation in punta cana

Transportation in Punta Cana

Like any other place, Punta Cana has its quirks, but you’ll soon learn them all! Although transportation in Punta Cana seems inconvenient at first, the more you familiarize yourself with our island, the easier it’ll get. Besides, isn’t learning part of the fun? Don’t forget to incorporate these costs on your vacation budget, though, because you’ll definitely want to make room for a photoshoot!