It’s always really hard to decide how to pose for your family photoshoot. You want to make it fun, but also look great. There are so many options and so many things to try. Sometimes you’re stuck between a lot of ideas at once! Well, don’t worry about that anymore. I’ll give you some of my favorite family photo poses for your next family photoshoot. They’re all fun, and they look great, so that’ll be one less thing to worry about! Let’s take a look:

1: Make it casual and sit down

When people think of photoshoots and sessions they always think it’s a formal event where everyone must be on their best behavior… but it doesn’t have to be like that at all! You can be free and break a few of the rules your school picture might’ve taught you. These are meant to celebrate you and your family for who they are! So come on, sit down and relax as you have your beautiful smiles captured. So lovely!

2: Play with your family

Everyone can have fun, and pictures look best when your smile is genuine. So come on and loosen up, play something simple with your family like hide and seek. Or race each other! Family photo poses are the best when they’re not posed at all! You’ll want to have some fun!! Anything that gets people involved and laughing would be good. Though don’t forget to keep it low impact, because you’ll want to avoid sweat as much as possible. Other good ideas include lifting your kids, peekaboo for your baby, or even a board game! Something that you guys like to do, that’s the important part. Check out 5 tips for kids during a photoshoot.

3:  Play with perspectives

If you have a small child, why don’t you try to play a little with perspectives? Lift your kid up and look down at the camera all together, or make the photographer get up high to take the picture from a different angle! Play with your 3D space a little, come on. This highlights the differences and similarities between your little ones, making for very unique and interesting photos!

4: Be artistic

Sometimes the picture doesn’t have to be very literal to be powerful! A shot of everyone’s hands, or a table full of plates with food could be fun additions to your photoshoot. Yes, of course, it won’t include your faces, but photoshoots have many different pictures in them, and this would be one of the many you’d add to the collection. As a whole, the entire photoshoot makes up its own work of art. Look at it that way, and soon you’ll want to include more creative shots in there!

5: Time for a hug!

And not just any hug. Family is, in the end, all about our connections and our love for one another. Show the world how much you mean to each other by giving them a heartfelt, loving hug. The kind of hug that is slow and long winded, of course! To emphasize this message. It’d be best to have as few people as possible at a time. The best kind of hugging pictures are the ones with only one parent and a child, so aim for those! Feel free to try any combination you’d like, though. It’s your photoshoot after all!

6: Go for a walk

A classic, but very effective! No matter where you go, your family dynamics will shine through no problem in these pictures. The beach, downtown, at the park, it doesn’t matter! Gather everyone around and go for a nice stroll to enjoy the sun, the weather, and have some wonderful photos taken. You can goof around, have a conversation, anything so long as you’re all interacting together. The best pictures are taken when everyone is being themselves! And if you feel like running, well, just go for it!

I hope these ideas for your own family photo poses helped! Planning a photoshoot can be intimidating, but it’s less stressful than it appears. All you have to do is have fun and let your personality do the posing for you! Being true to yourself is, in the end, the best thing you can do for your pictures. Maybe you’ll come up with your own poses, and I very much encourage you to! Make them yours!

And if you don’t find the time to fit them all, you can always do it on another session! There’s no shame in having your picture taken more than once, come on!