Are you ready for your trip to Punta Cana? If you’ve already set your photoshoot date and prepared for the time of your life, then you can feel prepared and ready to go. That’s good because there’s no better way to spend your vacation! However, if you’re still a little uneasy about your photoshoot plans, you may want to keep reading. Check out this list to see what you should be doing to plan a perfect family photoshoot in Punta Cana!

When is the best time to take pictures?

Photography is a delicate art of balance. You need to make everything fall into place perfectly and keep it all under control long enough for a good picture. Plan your photoshoot during the sunniest hours of the day so you can, at least, make sure your lighting will be perfect! Between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM is the best time to have the photoshoot, though I would personally recommend 7:30 AM for early sessions with bright photos and 4:00 PM if you wanted to have it after lunch. That’s when you’ll get soft, romantic lighting (depending on the time of year). Both times should give you enough time to take all the pictures you need!

Make sure the kids are happy

Dealing with kids at a photoshoot is another matter entirely. Large families are bound to have lots of children with different personalities, so beware! Let the kids be themselves during the session and don’t try to police them too much. Otherwise, they’ll become restless and moody. On top of that, you should make the session as short and fun as possible so they don’t get cranky. You know they’d rather be splashing around in the pool than getting their picture taken, but it doesn’t have to be so boring. Check out these tips to make sure the photoshoot is fun! The promise of a nice treat after the photoshoot is another good way to keep them happy and smiling long enough for the pictures! Is that called bribery?

If you want an in-depth explanation, check out this article!

To plan a perfect family photoshoot, you don’t need to pose!

Weird, right? You should try to force as little as possible during the photoshoot so you get the best smiles your family has to offer. You want genuine interactions with your family. Poses make you look stiff and they take away from the experience – unless your photographer has something specific in mind. Relax, play around a little in the sand, pick up something pretty from the shore – anything you want to do! Be yourself! That’s what the pictures are all about. In a family photoshoot, there are many chances for bonding, too! Play with your kids, chat with your family, mess around a little. Don’t be shy!

Prepare for the sun

Yes, Punta Cana is a perfect tropical paradise, but it comes with some downsides! The sun can be very harsh for people who aren’t used to it, so you should be constantly hydrated to keep your skin glowing. Remember to apply as much sunscreen as possible, and don’t stay too long in the sun! Cover yourself with hats, but avoid heavy clothing – you’ll sweat plenty, which doesn’t look very good in pictures. I know, I know… Even paradise has its problems!

Plan a perfect family photoshoot by coordinating your outfits

A bit cheesy? Maybe. But wearing the same color palette serves more than one purpose! Firstly, it reinforces the idea of being a family because you will look like you belong to the same group. More importantly, however, you should use cream, blue, or green to blend in with the environment. Sure, bright and lively colors make for impressive photos, but you might end up looking out of place! There’s no shame in going for the safe option. Plus, who doesn’t look good in blue?

Have fun!

The most important step! The photoshoot is all about your family, and as such, you should be approaching it together. Just enjoy your time with your loved ones because it’s the best company you could ask for!

And this should be your recipe for success! Follow these steps and you’ll plan a perfect family photoshoot in Punta Cana. Pretty simple, but that’s all it takes. The rest of the planning should be taken up with your photographer of choice, who will deal with all the other little details of capturing the pictures themselves. Beyond these little things, you shouldn’t have to worry much! After all, what really matters is making memories that will last a lifetime. In a few years, you’ll look back at these and fondly remember these days!