Traveling to a new place for the first time can be a bit intimidating. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know where you’re going, and you’re trying your best to get to your flight on time. It can all be pretty stressful! Thankfully, I have decided to write up a small Punta Cana travel guide to make your first flight and first few hours in Punta Cana as seamless as possible. Maybe your trip will be less scary this way!

Punta Cana travel guide tip #1: Choose your flight first

And choose carefully, too! Punta Cana might be one of the most beautiful places on earth, but you might want to avoid certain months. Given the tropical, hot weather, you will want to stick to the colder months. It’s alright, you’ll get plenty of heat because Punta Cana’s colder season can get up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit!

This means you should try to schedule your visit around December and April, which are the freshest months to come. From then on you might face much higher temperatures and humid weather, which isn’t so bad when you can take a dip in the pool, but it’s always worth mentioning!

Travel guide tip #2: Pack the essentials

It’s a tropical island, so you’ll want to prepare for tropical weather! This can’t be said enough. Avoid heavy and thick clothing, or any piece that will cover your skin too much. The air is hot and you will sweat quite a bit. It’s always good to pack some shorts and light clothing!

Hats are advisable because they’ll shield you from the sun. And speaking of the sun, definitely don’t forget to pack your sunscreen! Remember to apply it every time you go out, and if possible use moisturizer when you arrive to your resort. Keep yourself safe and hydrated for a smooth, lovely visit! And hey, maybe you’ll get a sweet tan.

Punta Cana tip #3: What to do when you get to Punta Cana International Airport

Congratulations, you’ve arrived! When people travel to a tropical country the expectation is usually that it’s going to be quite different than at home. Well, you won’t have that problem at Punta Cana!

Since we have so many visitors we make sure the airport is just like the ones you know, if not better! Fitted with every commodity you could expect, it’ll be hard to believe you even left your hometown. You can wander around the airport without any issues, and there will be plenty of taxi services that will take you to your destination.

No, don’t worry, you don’t need to speak Spanish! You can get around Punta Cana very easily using English, though other languages like French or German can be used sparingly. Just to be sure, it’s best if you stick to English.

Punta Cana travel tip #4: Getting to your resort

Well, this part is the easiest of them all. You should take one of the taxis from the airport if you have the means! But beware, because although reliable, taxis are quite pricey in Punta Cana. The best way to travel around Punta Cana is by foot.

If you are trying to save money, you can budget yourself to have one trip from the airport to your resort and back. Buses and walking are the preferred method of transportation around the area anyhow, so this is a one-time expense you can cover!

Punta Cana travel guide tip #5: Get to know your resort

Intuitive and simple, this step will be more of a relief! Once you arrive to your resort you will smoothly transition to your room and take a little breather. Most resorts in Punta Cana are all-inclusive so they’ll offer food and refreshments, so this is the perfect opportunity to gather yourself and get comfortable. From this point onwards it’s only fun and relaxation!

Take some time to walk around your resort and get to know your surroundings. Some resorts are huge! While others are quite small. Either way, it’s nice to take a little stroll (or jump on a golf cart) to explore the property. Find the best pools, the Instagram-worthy photo spots, and of course, you can’t miss the beach!

Punta Cana travel tip #6: Walk around and explore

Technically not a step in and of itself, but it’s a neat little piece of information you’ll need! As mentioned before, walking and the bus are the best way to travel, but I want to talk a little bit more about it. Buses are great when you’re going to the most popular parts of the area, but their routes are limited and will likely not take you exactly where you want to go. They are very cheap, though!

Walking seems intimidating, but Punta Cana is really only a portion of the island. Everything is close by, so going from your resort to any other place you have in mind will not be a problem! Restaurants are usually within walking distance, the beach will be even closer, and other attractions won’t be too far away. Plus you can enjoy the sights first hand! What’s there not to like?

For more information on how you can move around Punta Cana, check out this article!

So that’s it! Those are the very first steps you’ll be taking during your trip. It’s not complicated at all, but having some sort of reference should take the weight off your shoulders. You can refer back to this list if you’re ever nervous or insecure and rest assured that the trip will be much faster, smoother, and simpler than you could’ve ever anticipated! Punta Cana is here for you, all you need is the initiative to come!